World COmbat League ?

what annoys me is that they only allow lowkicks as part of a combination with other techniques. Not as single techniques or several lowkicks in one go. But that is because otherwise point karate guys, tkd guys and no-lowkick kickboxing guy would not enter.Thaiboxers, lowkick kickboxers and knockdown karate guys (kyokushin etc) would crush them.

Basically it allows the sidestance those guys use to still be effective since you cant go and punish the h*ll out of that leg he is inviting you to kick from a distance.

Besides that -it is ok. I would not put it even near k-1 kickboxing in skill level (the best WCL fighters seems like very low end k-1 fighters -not counting freaks), but its ok for what it is. A small time kickboxing circuit.
It may rate as pro kickboxing since they get paid to enter, but those guys (and girls) all got day jobs, with their "pro" pay not adding up to enough to cover their gym fees.

Hopefully it will give more american standup-fighters the skill, confidence and titles to advance to better organizations/tournaments later on.

However, I cannot get exited about kickboxing as a team sport. Martial sports are individual achievement sports and dont work well in a team format.

On the whole, it may not be as good as it could be with tougher rules, but it is way better than what it could be aswell -if you consider the kind of fighters they attract.