World Combat Sambo rules?

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I have competed in Combat Sambo competitions in the UK before. I went onto the World Combat Sambo club website and I saw some pictures of their Combat Sambo competitions. It looked really good. The competitors were wearing what looked like MMA gloves and head gear with a sambo kurkta etc.

Could anyone explain the World Combat Sambo rules to me? Or a link to the rules in english?

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Please someone explain the rules + format to me.

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My understanding is that it is essentially MMA without striking on ground and no gi/kurtka chokes. The head gear is new to me. I have seen some on video and that would be my general assessment...there was no head gear in the video I saw (2002 Pan Am Games). I have never read the rules. I don't know the finer restrictions, point system, or time limits on ground (if any). I have done some amateur MMA with similar rules and grappling with headgear absolutely sucks.

Combat sambo rules are based on sport Sambo rules ie. points for takedowns, pins etc... plus striking.Striking par terre is permitted sometimes, depends who's holding the competition!One can win by submission or KO/TKO. Chokes are PERMITTED.

Are chokes permitted with and without use of the kurtka?

Thank you for your reply Sambosteve and Club Kozak.

I think the rules format looks pretty good.

Is David Rudman the person in charge of the 'World Combat Sambo' rules format?

Club Kozak could you confirm is chokes using the kurkta are not allowed. I got the impression that they were not allowed.

Could anyone who trains at NYSAMBO shed anymore light on the issue?

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David Rudman is the founder of the legendary Sambo 70 in Moscow and more recently, the World Combat Sambo Club (, an organization of schools and new format for training Combat Sambo - they may have their own set of combat sambo rules.

Also, my understanding is that David is now the acting president of AASF and that Lenny Polyakov has stepped down. So, in the AASF role I believe, David (or maybe still Lenny?) would be in charge of putting a US team together. I have heard though, that there will be no US team at the worlds this year. The FIAS Combat Sambo Worlds are in June in the Czech Republic.

Regarding rules, I believe Combat Sambo rules are a product of FIAS, who has been sanctioning Combat Sambo competitions for about 4 years or so now.

Could Yakov or Phatboy comment on David's new role in AASF and use of kurtka for chokes in FIAS Combat Sambo comps?

As beeing pres of the NAtional Sambo Association of Canada and member to FIAS, all chokes with kurtka are permitted.

cool! Thanks.