World Cup Results - Thailand?

Does anyone ahve any World Cup results from Thailand??

All I know if that our fighter, Bill Dexter, won but I don't have many details about the rest of the tourney.

Yes -

Stephen Strotmeyer lost decision to last year's gold medalist (France)
Mike Baldwin lost decision to Holland
Kwame Stephens not fit to fight (dehydration/hospital)

Chris Romulo still in d. over Austria (good fight)
Evan Esguerra still in d. over Mexico
Mark Beecher still in d. over Israel (war!)

Derek Yuen lost to ??? (very close)
Jeremy Bellrose lost to Kazakhstan

Mark Tabuso lost 2nd bout to Iran
Mark beat Sri Lanka 1st bout
Bill Dexter lost 2nd bout to Russia
Bill beat ??? 1st bout

Ali Casey still in against Greece next
Lynda Loyce still in against Australia
Jen Ngyuen still in against Finland for GOLD bout
Emily Bearden beat South Africa then lost to Russia
Aileen Miller not fit to fight (dehydration)

The team is doing well and really proving america has come a long way to compete on such a high level!

More updates next internet cafe i find.

Its been a great tourny. congrats to alll the spectacular athletes.

Sorry to hear about your loss, man. Any details on the fight??? Maybe Matee can train you more hardcore for next year. You'll win for sure......


Thanks for the results, pisand!!!  Much appreciated!

Congrats to: Evan Esguerra, Mark "Hyena" Beecher, Lynda Loyce.

That too bad about Aileen.


Emily Bearden sure recovered quickly from her tradgic injury.....

thanks HeavyLeg - sounds like a plan!!!!

Evan Esguerra, Mark "Hyena" Beecher, Lynda Loyce all won today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan beat Georgia (next up Poland)
Mark beat Singapore (next up Russia)
Lynda beat Australia; next Sandra Bastian (Canada)

Jen Nyguen fights for gold.

Chris Romulo lost a close and tough fight to Belgium

Ali Casey lost a close and tough fight to Greece (defending champion)

The Team is doing well and a real cohesive bunch. Think good thoughts for the remaing 4 fighters to medal!


Sweet.  Good luck team!

Any more results?


I heard Linda Loyce won gold

Jen Nyguen won sliver

Evan Esguerra & Mark "Hyena" Beecher won bronze.

Can someone confirm this?


FINAL USA Results:

Lynda Loyce beat Sandra Bastian for GOLD
Jen Ngyuen lost to Finland, got SILVER
Ali Casey lost to Greece, got BRONZE

The women's team got 2nd Place overall

Evan Esguerra lost to Poland, got BRONZE
Mark Beecher lost to Australia, got BRONZE (controversy here - I'll let him explain)
Chris Romulo was awarded a BRONZE since the Belgian who beat him was an A class fighter who re-registered in B class after losing. Very shady and outright wrong.

6 medals for 12 fighters!

Rigel is in Chiangmai until Jan 25th and then may stay longer.

I fought Tomas Dupuy. Pro fighter. He's the 2002 French, 2003 European and 2-time IFMA World champion. Close fight 9-10; 9-10; 10-8; 10-9

I have it on my DVC and will try to dub a copy for him.

Thanks, WuFang

ttt for the Hyena!

Did Scott Clark from Canada fight. Did he do well.

i got alot of Hella stories....but if i tell you then i would have to kill you....but ill tell you what this was the best trip ive ever been on, i met alot of great poeple from all over the world (and beat some up too) but mostly i had a great time with my new family.......the american team....we were a great team this year and this was the best times of my life.......aND as for the controversy, i kind of knocked the guy out,but alas he was saved by the bell (he laid there for 20 seconds) but when he got up he got me in the third.......he hits like a truck....

how you doing mark ? this is israel here.

indeed the american team was very impressive and everyone from there was cool and polite. i was very impressed with them.

about our fight, some people thought i won, some people thought i didnt, doesnt really matter now.
we gave the people a great fight and thats what really matters.

say, do have the fight on tape ? i would love to get my hand on it. if its not too much to ask, you think it would be possible to send a copy over to a friend of mine in the US ? he will take care of sending it overseas for me.

later all