World Cup Results - Thailand?

Yes i can but it may be to technical for a beginner at the white belt level......

well i when i throw 11dybillion elbows at your head i bet you won't be so cheeky!

Hyena-- new years bout to be the shiznit.  Heaven & Hell.....

Is your hair gonna be Hyena'd out? or is that just for fights?  See you there.

Hey LYN.......well see about those Elbows tonight in Irvine.....i just dont know if i can stop myself from throwing them.....or knees to the head !!

YO G-Hands......YEP i just Hyena'd my shit tonight (for my fight later) but im pimpin out on new years.....ill be dressed for hell .....ummmmm of course.....i already bought some party starters ......shit it's ON !!


The camp had four rings side-by-side.


After a half hour of hitting the pads it was "go kick bags. 1 hour".

Congrats to my man Hyena for his win this weekend. Oh and "its only gay if you kiss"