World Cup Schedule

June 9th - Germany vs. Costa Rica (Group A)

June 10th - Poland vs. Ecuador (Group A), England vs. Paraguay (Group B), Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden (Group B)

June 11th - Argentina vs. Cote d'Ivoire (Group C), Serbia vs. Netherlands (Group C), Mexico vs. Iran (Group D)

June 12th - Angola vs. Portugal (Group D) , Australia vs. Japan (Group F), USA vs. Czech Republic (Group E), Italy vs. Ghana (Group E)

June 13th - , Korea vs. Togo (Group G), France vs. Switzerland (Group G)

June 14th - Brazil vs. Croatia (live) (Group F), Spain vs. Ukraine (Group H), Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia (Group H)

June 15th - Germany vs. Poland (Group A), Ecuador vs. Costa Rica (Group A), England vs. Trinidad & Tobago (Group B)

June 16th, Sweden vs. Paraguay(Group B), Argentina vs. Serbia (Group C), Netherlands vs. Cote d'Ivoire (Group C)

June 17th - Mexico vs. Angola (Group D), Portugal vs. Iran (Group D), Czech Republic vs. Ghana (Group E)

June 18th, Italy vs. USA (Group E), Japan vs. Croatia (Group F), Brazil vs. Australia (live) (Group F)

June 19th - France vs. Korea (Group G), Togo vs. Switzerland (Group G), Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine (Group H)

June 20th - Spain vs. Tunisia (Group H), Group A (live)

June 21st - Group B, Group D (additional data unknown at this time)

June 22nd - Group C (additional data unknown at this time), Group E (additional data unknown at this time)

June 23rd - Group F (additional data unknown at this time), Group H (additional data unknown at this time)

June 24th - Group G (additional data unknown at this time), 1A vs. 2B (game 49)

June 25th - 1C vs. 2D (game 50), 1B vs. 2A(game 51)

June 26th - 1D vs. 2C(game 52), 1E vs. 2F (game 53)

June 27th - 1G vs. 2H (game 54), 1F vs. 2E (game 55)

June 28th - 1H vs. 2G (game 56)

June 29th
Rest Day (no games)

June 30th - W49 vs. W50 (game 57)

July 1st - W53 vs. W54 (game 58), W51 vs. W52(game 59)

July 2nd - W55 vs. W56(game 60)

July 3rd
Rest Day (no games)

July 4th
Rest Day (no games)

July 5th - W57 vs. W58 (game 61)

July 6th - W59 vs. W60 (game 62)

July 7th
Rest Day (no games)

July 8th
Rest Day (no games)

July 9th - L61 vs. L62(game 63)

July 10th - W61 vs. W62 (game 64)

I got sent a brilliant email yesterday with a file attached that puts all the World Cup games into your calendar on Outlook.

Does anybody else still fill in the results on their free newspaper giant World Cup poster? Used to love that shit when I was a kid

That schedule is wrong IMO... Italy-Ghana on the 12th, no?

" That schedule is wrong IMO... Italy-Ghana on the 12th, no?"

Not sure. I found it on another forum, and though I'd paste it here. Can anybody tell us for sure?

Goes into Outlook calendar

Italia vs Ghana is indeed being played on the evening of the 12th June 2006. In Hanover.

Thanks! (Damn, my schedule is fugged up then :-( Any other errors?)

Here you go mang...