World judo masters Guadalajara, Mexico

Watching the Preliminaries and Final replays on youtube there was some excellent judo displayed. Excellent showing for Travis and Kayla.  Malloy went 1-2  and lost by oppon her last 2 matches without scoring a point.  Travis just got by Morales(CUB) behind by penalties when Morales left his arm out there from turtle and Travis quickly hooked it and rolled in juji.  Travis from there got stronger and his throwing/experience  helped him win. Travis gets too many shido's early on that put him in danger of losing in the Preliminaries. Kayla once again beat Aguair(BRA) with arm bar. Augiar will not get the shido's in (Rio) and will try and keep the fighting standing up is her best chance to defeat Kayla.  Baker(JPN) 90K beat Iliadis in the Semi's with ouchigari and Iliadis sustained a rib injury. Age is catching up with Iliadis against these younger players.  Watch the final match between Baker and KHALMURZAEV for Gold. Some powerful judo displayed by Khalmurzaev with his standing Khabareli pickup.  Asley Gonzales(CUB) was a scratch in 90K , not sure why. 

Match betwenn Baker and KHALMURZAEV for Gold-90K.

Ippon of the day.   

KHALMURZAEV (RUS) with an IPPON of the Day Contender vs CLERGET (FRA) -90 kg.


IJF facebook page have to scroll down to find the match.  Amazing Khabareli pickup.


baker and Khalmurzaev are in incredible shape.
grip fighting like that for 2 minutes would wear down nearly anyone, but they went at it for 7.
in their final match of the day at that.

Baker can hold his own with anyone. Those Khabareli pickup attempts by KHALMURZAEV were awesome and the ability of Baker to defend was equally awesome.  Baker takes a beating physically against these stronger opponents.  His judo skill is is what carries him.   

Great match. What a chess game.  Did he win by Utsuri-Goshi?

Looked like tai otoshi to me.