World Juniors is on!

the tourny is on now...both the US and Canada are 2-0...with the US team having two shutouts...

of course they were against garbage teams...they play the russians sometime this week, for their first real challenge

canada has won both games and Crosby had a goal in the last game...they play again today against the Ukraine who has been slaughtered in both of their games thus far


Go Canada

Spank, Steamy and I have already discussed this.


crosby with another goal..but of course it all comes down to the final round...

here is a lil story about a Ukraine team that i had dealings with when i was younger...

in the Quebec pee-wee tourny, i think in 92 when i played in it, the dominant team, BY FAR, was the ukrainian team...they destroyed team, per age group that i ever played against...anyway, they ended up doing a tour of hte US and a few of their players stayed with my family for a few months at a time....

the players came from incredibly poor families in the country, but their coach essentially brought them to Kiev together, when they were 6 or so, and made a team out of them playing soccer first...they all got good educations etc...a few ended up in the NHL, but most just ended up staying in the NHL...they sold everything that they could to get money for more trips back to the US and canada, simply because they didnt want to go back home...they ended up coming over 4 or 5 more times for a few months at a time

at their age, these were the best players that i had ever seen, including when i was 17 and playing on national teams...sadly though i havent really heard a lot from them the final game of the quebec tourny they were leading 4-0 after the first, then took about 2 more shots for the entire game...really an amazing team

Roman... was that Pee Wee tournament near Montreal???

the pee wee tourny is in Quebec City played at the Collise, where the nordiques used to play

its a huge tourny that goes on every year during the carnivale...actually im not sure if its still played at the collise, since there is no NHL team there anymore...but who knows