World Juniors update

USA 3-0. The beat Sweden today with a shorthanded goal late in the 3rd. Praise is leading the tourney at the moment with 8 points (4-4).


USA & Canada won today

USA 4 - Rus 1

Can 5 - Czech 2

gonna be a great tourny starting tomorrow!

Sounds like it will come down to a US/Can battle again.



parise has been lighting up the tourney, 11 points so far i of the best prospects out of the US ever

and werner is looking good for the US too...he is going to my old school and i remember his recruiting got really ugly


Is he from Fairbault, MN and going to NDSU?

or am I thinking of someone else?


parise is from North Dakota

werner is from UMass-Amherst

That;s right.

Seems like the whole US is from MN or MI.

That must be where I get my dazzling skills from.


Where's Steamy? He might be crying himself to sleep on his big Czech pillow?

By "big Czech pillow" you mean "a hairy man-ass", you might be correct.


Hehe, by "moral victory" do you mean flopping to ice like they've been shot everytime one of the big bad Canadians even looked at them? That was embarassing, the Czech diving team is playing in the wrong sport.

Should be fun :)

I was born in MN, grew up in MI.