World Professional Karate Championships (1974)

The World Professional Karate Championships was a Full Contact Karate event took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California on September 14, 1974

The event was the first ever held by the Professional Karate Association (PKA) and was the first Full Contact Karate event. Featured were three, 4-man tournaments (Lw / Mw / LHw) and a Heavyweight title fight. All bouts fount under 'Full Contact' rules

The participants were all invited on the basis of their achievements in Karate and or Kickboxing


Joe Lewis (USA)

Jeff Smith (USA)

Kenji Ryu (Japan)

Byong Yu (Korean)

Wally Slocki (Canada)

Daniel Richer (Canada)

Howard Jackson (USA)

Isaias Duenas (Mexico)

Frank Knittel (Germany)

Franc Brodar (Yugoslavia)

Budimir Yejnovi (Yugoslavia)

Ramon Smith (Dominican Republic)


World Professional Karate Championships

Los Angeles Sports Arena

Los Angeles, California

September 14, 1974


Playoffs Lightweight: (-152lbs)

Howard Jackson vs Ramon Smith

Isaias Duenas vs Frank Knittel


Playoffs Middleweight: (152-165lbs)

Bill Wallace vs Bernd Grothe

Daniel Richer vs Byong Yu


Playoffs Light Heavyweight: (165-182lbs)

Jeff Smith vs Budimir Yejnovi

Wally Slocki vs Kenji Ryu


Heavyweight Fight: (+182lbs)

Joe Lewis vs Franc Brodar

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Once again, nice work Pro Ice. I always thought Joe Lewis would've been sick in mma. And for those who don't know about Howard Jackson check out Dolemite - The Human Tornado.

Thank you for this. good stuff!

Not to hijack the thread, but here is Rudy Ray Moore, Ernie Hudson, Howard Jackson, and a pantsless nunchaka fighter taking out some honkys...


In "the human tornado" there is a scene where he dives head first down a super steep hill....almost a cliff.

The movie does an instant replay with him narrating.

High point of the history of cinema.

This is amazing. Awesome find as always

Ponyboy - In "the human tornado" there is a scene where he dives head first down a super steep hill....almost a cliff.

The movie does an instant replay with him narrating.

High point of the history of cinema.


Like the screen name too. Greasers ftw!

I was so excited when this happened.

Wallace is such a boss.

I respect Joe Lewis in the sense he was a pioneer and a tough guy, but I never thought he was really a proficient martial artist. I watched many of his fights and he sorta just bullies his way inside and starts throwing heavy clubbing punches. He was a big tough guy with some size and power, but I think Wallace, Jeff Smith and Howard Jackson are far superior P4P.

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome.....absolutely loved PKA in the late 70's and early 80's.....great inagural historical event!

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September 14, 1974. The Beginning of Full-Contact

In the history of full-contact, the night of September 14th 1974, in Los Angeles, can be understood as a starting point, a kind of founding myth or as a step in an ongoing development, or finally as a simple evening.

Without getting into a discussion useless on its historical role, we will mainly talk about his conduct. Regarding the World Champions sacred that evening, we will not return to their careers, already described in previous articles. We will use this text to give some information about their opponents, sometimes even remained completely unknown.

We will also mention the facts preceding and following this evening, as the selection of combatants and the result of their careers.


Background :

Karate is a continuous development in the USA, since the 1960's. First was traditional Karate tournaments, with the points fights. Since 1968, the professional Karate is existing. Blows were exchanged with greater impact. Fighters are paid for their performance. But since 1971, the media coverage of the fighting receded.

In 1970, Joe Lewis began his career as a fighter with KO. Before 1974, he said he had defended his World Champion title, awarded by any recognized organization, and each of its fights takes different forms (barefoot or protection, ring or open platform for the combatants, many different number of rounds, etc.) .

Apart from him, other American fighters are involved in those years with KO fights, as Viktor Moore against Jim Harrison, for example.

In 1973, an East-Coast Professional Karate Championships Tournament was held in Ocean City. Harvey Hastings won the heavyweight kick-boxing title in a fight against John Dutcher. Chuck Norris was the referee.

Jack Dutcher (left) ves Harvey Hastings These sorts of battles existed for many years in other countries (France/French Boxing, Thailand/Japan or Thai Boxing/Kick-Boxing).


Before the evening :

According to the information retrieved, Don Quine is the manager of Bill Wallace, and also actor and script writer. The couple met Mike Anderson, the latter was trying to organize the first full-contact championships.

Mike Anderson, after a hard juvenile time, learns Taekwondo with Jhoon Rhee, father of the discipline in the USA and inventor of the protections for Karate. Mike Anderson went to Berlin to teach karate and met George Brückner, head of a martial arts school.

He comes back in the USA, and publishes a newspaper named "Professional Karate Magazine" and opens various schools Karate.

Mike Anderson, organizer of the evening, created the PKA (Professional Karate Association), two weeks after the evening in Los-Angeles.



Selections in America :

Three of the four Americans were selected, on the basis of their ranking in the Professional Karate, Wallace, Smith and Howard Jackson. We have already mentioned that Lewis, meanwhile, had an experiment in the fight with KO.

Howard Jackson (left) versus Ramon Smith

Regarding the opponents of American favourites, two Canadians are called, Wally Slocki, which has already lost to Joe Lewis, in a match with KO (which would have been an exhibition according to Slocki). Wally Slocki was announced as having been champion Canada in 1967, 1968 and 1970. He also wins the heavyweights title during the East Coast vs West Coast Open Championship in New-York, in 1969. He beats Panama Jones.

The second Canadian, Daniel Richer, also practices Taekwondo and is the Champion of Canada . He was disqualified during the 1973 Top 10 Nationals, for having knocked out Al Dacascos. Richer has won the 1973 Tae Kyun Championships lightweight title against Gordon Franks, but has lost for the Grand-Champion, against Gerald Robbins.

The Mexican Isaias Duenas, meanwhile, participated in the Taekwondo World Championships in 1973 , in Korea.

Selections in Asia :

A 24-year-old Korean, Byong Yu Hong, practices Taekwondo and is the brother of Yong Byong Yu, who participates in professional Karate competitions, in the USA.

A Japanese, named Ryu Tenji or Ryu Kenji, 20 years old, was announced as the "Open Professional Champion of Japan". It seems to be practicing the Kempo.

Selections in Europe :

On this blog is an article about the selection of European fighters, in Berlin, on May 17, 1974, during a tournament organized by Georg Brückner.



The evening of September 14th 1974 :

The event will be conducted at the "Sports Arena" accommodating 13,000 spectators. 10,000 people are present. The fights took place on a open surface. They are scheduled for 3 rounds of 2 minutes for the playoffs, and 3 rounds of 3 minutes for the finals.

From left to right and from up to down : Duenas vs Ramon Smith, Smith vs Howard Jackson, Byong Yu vs Richer and Wally Slocki vs Jeff Smith Only 4 weight divisions are planned, including lightweights (152 lbs.), middleweights (165 lbs. to 152 lbs.), light heavyweights (182 lbs. to 165 lbs.) and heavyweights (183 lbs. and over).

A total of USD 20,000 .-- premiums, is planned. The winners earn USD 3,000 .--.

The TV rights have been sold to Wide World of Entertainment. ABC retransmits the fights in a special Sports Late Night with commentator Telly Savalas, aka Kojac. This document will be released on December 27, 1974.

Surprisingly, the poster of this meeting has not full-contact fighters, but two bare hands interwoven. Unfortunately, we are not sure in fact if the poster depicted below is the original one's, even if it is presented as such on the site of the PKA.


Fights of the evening :

The advertisements speak before the evening of "World Professional Karate Championships" and "Full Contact Rules Knockout Wins."

14 fighters are coming from 8 countries.

The rules stipulate that a knock-down let win the round, the latter being finished after the fall, which is consistent with a very old rule of early English boxing. The KO was declared after 5 seconds. The projections are allowed. The protections, invented by Jhoon Rhee, are laid, as they have already been used since 1973, in traditional Karate.


Rest of Article here:

Rest of article here:


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