world sambo federation?

Anybody else see their add in grappling magazine?are they legit?They got bjj, mt, wrestling, & judo under their banner.Oh, their shirts look pretty cool.

dont get us started... we jsut had a huge argument over the WSF.. and no, it isnt legit sambo. it is some guy's idea of what sambo could/should be.

the term "fruitcake organization" fits well.


glock4life. Don't pay any attention to Resnick, he's a retard who never fought sambo a day in his life. Go to our website at
It will explain who we are and what we're about. We have over 30 schools now and are chartering new ones constantly. If you truly want to learn a complete martial arts system, not one that will get you defeated by every other style of grappling, check us out. Take care.

Wow, interesting.

Why fruitcake organization?They've got Jermaine Andre in it , so what does that say?


Resnick is belligerent and just doesn't get it.
The WSF, of which I am a member, is a great organization, with good people and even better instructors. People like Jermaine Andre, Vince Fields, Shawn White, and obviously Doctor Darren Pordash help bring your game to another level. Aside from those people who are closed minded and refuse to train outside their "designated style" in the way "they believe it to be purest", most people see the WSF as another way to make themselves better grapplers and THAT is why it is growing so fast with so many new schools.
Thanks for listening. Make up your own mind obviously, but I hope to see you around someday.

not saying good people arent in it, jut that their methods are not that os actual sambo... simple as that.. read the thread WSF put on this forum not too long ago, titled "Sambo Nationals." there are 153 posts... youll learn a lot from people who have been all over the world and cometed against the best in sambo.


The World Sambo Federation has some of the best technical material to offer around. Check it out and make up your own mind. It's always smart to shop around... I have.

thanks guys.

Resnick. You stated..."youll learn a lot from people who have been all over the world and cometed against the best in sambo"
Question then; why were you on there?

glock4life, the U.S. National Championships for the World Sambo Federation were recently held in the birthplace of sambo, Evanston Indiana.

I have not heard when the WSF national championships will be held here in Singapore but expect it will be shortly.

The US national champions have qualified to represent the US at WSF Pan Am's in Columbus Indiana in early 2003, as well as at the WSF World Championships at the end of 2003 in Fort Wayne Indiana. Of course, all of this leads up to the WSF Olympics in 2004, hosted by Gary Indiana. - Koga!

Im not understanding the need for WSF. Can you guys explain what you are doing/trying to do with world sambo?

I like Resnick so back off. Quincy likes him too. He shoots from the hip, knows WTF he is talking about and is a tough cookie.

We are lucky to have San Jose State guys like Dave Williams, Josh Resnick, John Serbin, et al. posting on this forum. It has really improved since their arrival.

Resnick may have never competed in Sambo, however he's competed at the international level of judo, which has a heavy sambo influence. Then we've got the doc, who's only argument is call people kids, and say they don't know what they're talking about, as they haven't studied the "true sambo of the WSF" Josh has all the business in the world being on that thread.

Koga , I thought the birthplace of Sambo was Russia?Sorry guys , I didn't mean to tart any contraversy , I just saw there add & was curious about them & all the styles the WSF has under their banner.

glock4life, Koga is being sarcastic about the birthplace thing ;)

lol. Doc. i must really be getting under your skin by now, huh...? i mean, i see a scam/liar and i call him out on it. wow.

perhaps if you owuld just answer the 1 question i had for you from the other thread i woldnt mind so much. but you made too many false claims (namely about how you have several judo champions in your schools who you have trained) and need to be classed out on them.

makes no difference if i do sambo or not, in all honesty, i am thinking about it. and i would love to go toe to toe with your guys when i do-- i am sure ill do more then hold my own.

your WSF isnt sambo and the world championship you had was nothing more then a local/regional tournament in the middle of nowhere Indiana.

be honest about yourself first and then you might get some respect (or at least have a few people back off).


Glock... the people on this forum are far too reasonable and honest to not warn you off about the WSF. youll be paying a lot of money for something that isnt what it claims to be.

the article in grappling magazine written by the good Dr. refers to Gokor - and I paraphrase - as the greatest living sambo technician.

lol @ koga.

Wow. Same idiots, different thread. Resnick; not that you deserve an answer due to your crude comments but I'll restate the name of one of my students that is a five time national judo champion. JOE SCHMIDT. I train him in sambo and BJJ. Now go back to your cell. If any of you tough guys(behind a keyboard)want to show what a joke the WSF or Gokor is, come to one of our tournaments and show us. Truth is you all suck on the ground and that's why you like traditional sambo. The gloves are off.

There is something interesting going on here. Pordash has been trying to make a point that his Sambo is somehow "more Sambo" than the rest.
Some people here have taken exception to that and hence the flame wars.

But on the "Sambo Belts" thread, Brett Jacques pretty much validates Pordash's point, or at least gives it some strength, by allowing that Sambo is different things to different people and that there are many aspects to Sambo which may probably never be known. He also questions the call to legitimacy which is made carelessly by so many people.
Sambo then, is anything BUT traditional.

Faxia, you were called on this by Brett and I don't see a reaction to that. Granted, Brett wasn't as vocal as Pordash, but he did call you on it.