World wide catastrophe killed dino

Well no just was a flood, and wasn't near as long as they think:

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 November 2006, 13:35 CST
Study Finds that a Single Impact Killed the Dinosaurs

Data supports the single-impact theory in a controversial discussion

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The dinosaurs, along with the majority of all other animal species on Earth, went extinct approximately 65 million years ago. Some scientists have said that the impact of a large meteorite in the Yucatan Peninsula, in what is today Mexico, caused the mass extinction, while others argue that there must have been additional meteorite impacts or other stresses around the same time.

A new study provides compelling evidence that "one and only one impact" caused the mass extinction, according to a University of Missouri-Columbia researcher.

"The samples we found strongly support the single impact hypothesis," said Ken MacLeod, associate professor of geological sciences at MU and lead investigator of the study. "Our samples come from very complete, expanded sections without deposits related to large, direct effects of the impact – for example, landslides – that can shuffle the record, so we can resolve the sequence of events well. What we see is a unique layer composed of impact-related material precisely at the level of the disappearance of many species of marine plankton that were contemporaries of the youngest dinosaurs. We do not find any sedimentological or geochemical evidence for additional impacts above or below this level, as proposed in multiple impact scenarios."

MacLeod and his co-investigators studied sediment recovered from the Demerara Rise in the Atlantic Ocean northeast of South America, about 4,500 km (approximately 2,800 miles) from the impact site on the Yucatan Peninsula. Sites closer to and farther from the impact site have been studied, but few intermediary sites such as this have been explored.

Interpretation of samples from locations close to the crater are complicated by factors such as waves, earthquakes and landslides that likely followed the impact and would have reworked the sediment. Samples from farther away received little impact debris and often don't demonstrably contain a complete record of the mass extinction interval. The Demerara Rise samples, thus, provide an unusually clear picture of the events at the time of the mass extinction.

"With our samples, there just aren't many complications to confuse interpretation. You could say that you're looking at textbook quality samples, and the textbook could be used for an introductory class," MacLeod said. "It's remarkable the degree to which our samples follow predictions given a mass extinction caused by a single impact. Sedimentological and paleontological complexities are minor, the right aged-material is present, and there is no support for multiple impacts or other stresses leading up to or following the deposition of material from the impact."

The impact of a meteorite on the Yucatan Peninsula likely caused massive earthquakes and tsunamis. Dust from the impact entered the atmosphere and blocked sunlight, causing plants to die and animals to lose important sources of food. Temperatures probably cooled significantly around the globe before warming in the following centuries, wildfires on an unprecedented scale may have burned and acid rain might have poured down.

MacLeod and many other scientists believe that these effects led to the relatively rapid extinction of most species on the planet. Some other scientists have argued that a single impact could not have caused the changes observed and say that the impact in the Yucatan predates the mass extinction by 300,000 years.

MacLeod's co-investigators were Donna L. Whitney from the University of Minnesota, Brian T. Huber from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Christian Koeberl of the University of Vienna. The study was recently published in the 'in press' section of the online version of the Geological Society of America Bulletin. Funding was provided by the U.S. Science Support Program, the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Austrian Science Foundation. Samples were recovered on Leg 207 of the Ocean Drilling Program.



Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution:

TOPEKA, KS--In response to a Nov. 7 referendum, Kansas lawmakers passed emergency legislation outlawing evolution, the highly controversial process responsible for the development and diversity of species and the continued survival of all life.
Enlarge Image Kansas Outlaws R

Lawmakers decried spontaneous genetic mutations.

"From now on, the streets, forests, plains, and rivers of Kansas will be safe from the godless practice of evolution, and species will be able to procreate without deviating from God's intended design," said Bob Bethell, a member of the state House of Representatives. "This is about protecting the integrity of all creation."

The sweeping new law prohibits all living beings within state borders from being born with random genetic mutations that could make them better suited to evade predators, secure a mate, or, adapt to a changing environment. In addition, it bars any sexual reproduction, battles for survival, or instances of pure happenstance that might lead, after several generations, to a more well-adapted species or subspecies.

Violators of the new law may face punishments that include jail time, stiff fines, and rehabilitative education and training to rid organisms suspected of evolutionary tendencies. Repeat offenders could face chemical sterilization.

To enforce the law, Kansas state police will be trained to investigate and apprehend organisms who exhibit suspected signs of evolutionary behavior, such as natural selection or speciation. Plans are underway to track and monitor DNA strands in every Kansan life form for even the slightest change in allele frequencies.

"Barn swallows that develop lighter, more streamlined builds to enable faster migration, for example, could live out the rest of their brief lives in prison," said Indiana University chemist and pro-intelligent-design author Robert Hellenbaum, who helped compose the language of the law. "And butterflies who mimic the wing patterns and colors of other butterflies for an adaptive advantage, well, their days of flaunting God's will are over."

Human beings may be the species most deeply affected by the new legislation. Those whose cytochrome-c molecules vary less than 2 percent from those of chimpanzees will be in direct violation of the law.

Under particular scrutiny are single-cell microorganisms, with thousands of field labs being installed across the state to ensure that these self-replicating molecules, notorious for mutation, do not do so in a fashion benefitting their long-term survival.

Anti-evolutionists such as Hellenbaum have long accused microorganisms of popularizing "an otherwise obscure, agonizingly slow, and hard-to-understand" biological process. "These repeat offenders are at the root of the problem," Hellenbaum said. "We have the fossil records to prove it."

"No species is exempt," said Marcus Holloway, a state police spokesman. "Whether you're a human being or a fruit fly--if we detect one homologous chromosome trying to cross over during the process of meiosis, you will be punished to the full extent of the law."

Although the full impact of the new law will likely not be felt for approximately 10 million years, most Kansans say they are relieved that the ban went into effect this week, claiming that evolution may have gone too far already.

"If Earth's species were meant to change over successive generations through physical modifications resulting from the adaptation to environmental challenges, then God would have given them the genetic predisposition to select mates and reproduce based on their favorable heritable traits and their ability to thrive under changing conditions so that these advantageous qualities would be passed down and eventually encoded into the DNA of each generation of offspring," Olathe public school teacher and creationist Joyce Eckhardt said. "It's just not natural."

Some warn that the strict wording of the law could have a deleterious effect on Kansas' mostly agricultural economy, since it also prohibits all forms of man-made artificial selection, such as plant hybridization, genetic engineering, and animal husbandry. A police raid on an alleged artificial-insemination facility outside McPherson, KS on Friday resulted in the arrest of a farmer, a veterinarian, four assistants, one bull, and several dozen cows.

Agribusiness leaders, who rely on evolution science to genetically modify crops, have voiced concerns about doing business with Kansas farmers.

"If Kansans want to ban evolution, that is their right, but they must understand that we rely on a certain flexibility in the natural order of things to be able to deliver healthy food products to millions of Americans," said Carl Casale, a vice president with the agricultural giant Monsanto. "We're not talking about playing God here. We are talking about succeeding in the competitive veggie-burger market."



ha, ha, that's really funny. the above I posted is a real theory. there is a real movement towards a single catastrophe explanation for dinosaurs and the fossil record.

The Ks parody is a far cry from what the elected school board was doing, so it's pretty tasteless and filled with a lot of innaccuracies.

No one disputes adaption. It's adaption from inanimate objects to living beings that went from the most simple of objects to men.

And oh, it ain't 2% with chimps anymore...that's another innaccurate stat now being "corrected".

Man, these scientists are finally starting to pull their heads out of their asses. This article is clearly describing Noah's flood! I mean all they need to do is get rid of the meteor, replace it with a global flood and shave 64,995,800 years off their estimate.


I hope you're joking. The single impact theory of a catastrophic event killing off all the dinosaurs has been the most successful theoretical description of what happened for about twenty years now. The above information is simply an example of how science progresses - instead of being pretty sure, they're now VERY sure because predicted results fit the measurements they were now able to make.

There is also no doubt whatsoever that the event took place around 65 million years ago.

and I really mean NO doubt.

If you can't tell the difference between what evidence would be left behind after such a catastrophic event 65 million years ago, and the evidence that would have been left behind after a world wide flood occuring only 3500 years ago you have serious issues.

There is evidence that a world wide catstrophe happened in historical or near historical times. See, Earth in Upheaval by. Immanuel Vilikovsky.

Ocianain, that sounds really interesting, what kind of catastrophe does the evidence point to? When did this happen? This sounds pretty major, was the academic community also convinced of the evidence?

Velikovskys writings created a furor, his arguments were misrepresented by Sagan and others so be careful what you read regarding refutations of his writings. If you google Velikovsky you'll get some nice hits. Jerry Pournelle has also written some nice stuff on him.

V's thesis goes something like this, Jupiter "ejected" a mass that careenmed through the solar system wreaking havoc, it passed close to earth is the recent pass, this close encounted is recorded in ancient manuscipts (see Worlds in Collision) and geological evidense (Earth in Upheaval), until it settled into it's orbit around the sun, we now call it Venus.

The "ejection" of the mass is often cited as a proof V's theory is absurd, Sagan calculated the energy needed to eject a mass the size of Venus to be so great the mass would vaporize. Problem is masses have been seen splitting off from Jupiter via fission, a large blob splits off and falls into orbit around Jupiter, some believe this is how the ring(s) were formed.

Some links of interest:

Additionally, almost every culture, despite being separated by language, culture, land masses geographically, etc. all have a story of a universal destruction. Something struck the collective conciousness of our anscestors.

There is a competing notion in science that the fossil record and geographical record was caused over eons of mini catastrophes...I think the evidence is becoming quite clear....something big and really bad destroyed everything...quite rapidly.

I would propose that it was the great deluge.

Rooster, Catastrophism was a accepted scientifc theory until Victorian times. It was rejected (in spite of overwhealming geological evidence) because the "spirit of the age" saw catastrophism as dovetailing too closely with genesis. The rejection of catastrophism and the adoption of uniformaanism was reactionary, not scientific.

The flood myth is universal, the inspired writers could of used a "myth" to make their points. It does not follow that a world wide deluge/catastrophy = ark.

Rooster, I'm sure you've already been asked this somewhere, but, how do you account for the ordering in the fossils?

True ocianain, but it does not rule out that the catastrophe was not the deluge. It's also interesting to note that Genesis was written by Moses and while he could have tried to leverage some surrounding mythic stories, it doesn't account for the universality of the story even today in most ever culture.

further, the NT writers and Jesus spoke of Noah and the deluge as real events and people, not as mythic. In fact, Peter describes baptism as the illustration of the deluge in a mini scale in our lives. Why take a myth and compare it to a practical, real truth/act?

Milkwaffle, what do you mean by ordering?

"it doesn't account for the universality of the story even today in most ever culture."

No, the fact that most of the first civilized cultures developed along rivers that would regularly flood does.

The "ejection" of the mass is often cited as a proof V's theory is absurd, Sagan calculated the energy needed to eject a mass the size of Venus to be so great the mass would vaporize. Problem is masses have been seen splitting off from Jupiter via fission, a large blob splits off and falls into orbit around Jupiter, some believe this is how the ring(s) were formed."

The mass from jupiter is gas, mostly hydrogen. Venus is a rocky planet like earth.

jbapk, You're correct regarding Jupiter being a gas giant, read the one link on planet formation, it's toward the bottom of the links I supplied.

Rooster, The modern mind is so polluted with materialistic thought that even the quest for ultimate truth is limited by it. Myth in our culture is assosiated with error/lie, this is not the way people thought for thousands of years. Myths always illuminated a truth. A semite 3500 years ago might have no trouble expropriating a myth from another culture to illuminate a great truth. Myth has the advantage of resonating with the people who "created" it, it's a myth for a reason after all it has some "validity" to the population or it wouldn't be. Moses could of appropiated a myth from a surrounding culture, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reformated it to some degree (again under inspiration) to illuminate a greater truth.

I'm sure you'll find Earth in Upheaval fascinating, Velikovsky argue much of the proof used for the ice age is actually flood evidence for example. In Worlds in Collision he argues cultures world wide (even in the Americas) recored a celestial "war" between Mars and Venus and that this war was the origin of astrology/astronomy by the ancients. (If I remember correctly he argued the Great Rift Valley on Mars was created by a massive discharge and that many of the craters on the moon were created in this way. When the rock strewn landscape of Mars was revealed I thought of Velikovsky). They witnessed a war in the heavens (huge electrical discharges between the planets) and soon after were "attacked" themselves. All in all very cool. There is enough evidence to convince, or at a minimum open a fair minded person to the possibility of a huge world wide catastrophy.

I wonder how the lost civilization of Atlantis fits in with the bible?

you: No, the fact that most of the first civilized cultures developed along rivers that would regularly flood does.

me: they also suffered from natural plagues, experienced locusts, droughts, disease, but there is not a universality of stories about displeasing the gods (God) and water as judgement. So it's a pretty general and shallow analysis that may seem to fit at first (they lived by rivers) but doesn't survive under deeper scrutiny.

Ocianain, thanks for the link, sounds cool...I'll take a look see!

Robert, there is no direct link between Atlantis and the bible as far as I know...although almost all occultist ultimately trace their roots to atlantis. Some theorize that Atlantis was a pre deluge empire that was destroyed in the flood. It would have been a city of science and magic (superstion and demonic activity)that was destroyed in judgement.

Interesting, in what month did this gargantuan civilizating spring up and suddenly die leaving so little trace that modern archeology does not acknowledge it's existance? Perhaps such an incredibly brief period on earth is the reason why they left no record of their civilization, written or otherwise...

All very interesting stuff.

It's also very strange and a little unsettling that the geology we're taught in schools, and the geology used by oil companies and other mutli-billion dollar organisations and governments still use these modern (and of course poor and unscientific) ideas with great efficacy.

Just think as to how much more we could find out if we just listened to Velikovsky instead of these so called "scientists".