World wide ransomware attack - UK NHS in meltdown

This is pretty messed up. Apparently some hospitals cannot access any patient records.

Computers in thousands of locations have apparently been locked by a program that demands $300 (£230) in Bitcoin.
There have been reports of infections in more than 70 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.
Many security researchers are linking the incidents together.

three hundred bucks? cheap!

This is spreading fast and unlike any previous malware. Apparently developed by the NSA.

If your running windows recommend installing this update asap:

In for prevention.

Reason #975644238 not to trust government with healthcare

Lancifer - In for prevention.
So long as windows update it enabled you should already have the patch.

Wikileaks twitter is opening up 

Loads of NHS computers are still on XP.

Can people stop buying these stupid crypto currencies please? You are party responsible for all this shit.

It hit the private sector hard as well

Takes a serious piece of dogshit to knowingly fuck with schools and hospitals and demand ransom.

BaldTony - Loads of NHS computers are still on XP.
I just read 90%!

Microsoft doesn't bring out updates for xp anymore so it's vulnerable. Nasty releasing this on a Friday afternoon so it can spread over the weekend.

BaldTony - Loads of NHS computers are still on XP.
Im amazed any time i go to various doctors offices. All on severely outdated shit. Not saying being on win 10 would have stopped this but ya...doesnt exactly inspire confidence when you see xp running.


Guys it doesn't matter what OS it's on. If a user launches the application it starts encrypting the files yo uhave access too and the virus is dynamic and always changing. Prevention can only so far be done with education and recovery is done with good backups.

Too bad the US Government never honored their agreement to tell the tech companies how to patch these things instead of exploiting them.

Russia interior ministry just hit by a cyberattack according to Reuters.


Grab your tinfoil hats boys!

Big_Data - So this is a result of the NSA techniques being released?
It’s been a matter of weeks since a shady hacker crew called Shadow Brokers dumped a load of tools believed to belong to the National Security Agency (NSA). It now appears one tool, an exploit of Microsoft Windows called Eternal Blue, is being used as one method of spreading a ransomware variant called WannaCry across the world.