World's Largest Air Transport AN-225 Destroyed by Russia

RIP Beast of the Skies
Saw this in person at IAH years ago. Was magnificent!

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Ok. Just make another!


Holy Christ, 6 engines, look at the unholy landing gear…

RIP big guy.


I’ve read they apparently have one 60% completed somewhere.

Ok, stupid.

That’s hurtful.

I have a cousin that can work miracles with bondo and duct tape.

She will fly again!

Man that was some clear footage.

The blur of war.

The news is telling me Ukraine is winning and Russia is retreating. What?

Mega planes creep me out for some reason

Even with the Ghost patroling nearby? i call bs.

The Ghost of AN-225.

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Would be so fun peppering that with RPGs

So the level of Reddit coping is so bad that they are now anthropomorphizing planes as civilian casualties?