World's largest meat supplier hit by cyberattack

JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, hit by cyberattack


JUNE 1, 2021 / 6:56 PM / CBS NEWS

Work has stopped at several U.S. meat processing plants after the world’s largest meat producer was hit with a major cyberattack. The Brazil-based JBS was forced to cease cattle-slaughtering operations at 13 of its meat processing plants in the U.S. on Tuesday.

The ransomware attack could be a possible threat to the U.S. food supply. JBS is the top beef producer in the U.S. and the No. 2 producer of pork and poultry. Depending on how long the halt in operations continues, Americans could see prices rise in the meat aisle at the grocery store.

“I think a lot of that depends upon how long this lasts. If indeed, JBS is unable to slaughter cattle or hogs over a sustained period and really even a matter of days, then yes, because the production is limited greatly,” said Brad Kooima, a cattle feeder and co-owner of Kooima Kooima Varilek Trading.

JBS told the White House that a criminal group likely based in Russia was responsible. The FBI is leading the investigation and Biden administration officials are asking the Russian government for an explanation.

JBS said it took immediate action when it learned of the ransomware attack and is trying to restore its systems as soon as possible. It’s unclear how much money the hackers are demanding or if the company paid a ransom.

The latest incident follows last month’s ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline that led to gas shortages in multiple states. Russian hacking group DarkSide claimed responsibility and walked away with nearly $5 million in ransom from Colonial.

“The hackers recognize that they have the ability to impact individuals through very straightforward, simple attacks that can impact critical infrastructure, that impact food supply and ultimately come down to the lives of everyday citizens,” said Kiersten Todt, the managing director of the Cyber Readiness Institute.

First published on June 1, 2021 / 6:02 PM

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These hackers are starting beefs.


Why are we relying on out of country meat suppliers when we can do that shit here? That’s some bullshit.


The fuck? Did Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, S/N Dakota, Minnesota, and any other one I’m missing run out of cows?


That’s what I’m saying, I mean I’ve heard of JBS but I’m pretty sure we should be able to weather this storm no problem.

Hmm first oil. Now beef. Sounds like some green new deal shit to me.



pretty obvious now

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Russians. It’s always the Russians. My ass.
Green new deal here we come…

if it isnt it is really convenient

This is the plan of Vegans!!
Vegan Vegetables GIF

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The largest meat processing company is owned by China. I doubt they get fucked with.

there’s been WAYYYYYY to many “convenience’s” in the last few years

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Time to stock up at costco- meat and tp!!

That’s disturbing. Make america meat again!

Because the same countries that own those meat plants in some third world shithole are also responsible for lobbying the environmental regulations that are preventing those plants from existing inside the United States.


agree with you there

I do not understand how this keeps happening… Ransomware, apparently is able to traverse LAN’s and infect other computers, but why would mission critical servers/computers not be segmented from idiots who click links on an email?

I handle IT for a several small companies and if any of them got ransomware, I would restore backups from the previous day and life would move on. It is strange that big companies cannot handle something that a side job guy is prepared for.