World's Oldest Living Dog is a Chihuahua Named TobyKeith, Breaks Guinness World Record

Pronounced Chee-Hooah-Hooah…

How old is that in human years?

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Jesus Christ
How unlucky are the owners?

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Lived 21 long years only to have its neck abruptly snapped by Greg.

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21 years of non-stop yapping and yiping…

This gave me a chuckle as I’m sitting here listening to my going on 14-year-old beagle mix hack up a lung for the 20th time today. It’s all good because it’s truly enjoyable listening to him coughing and hacking numerous times day and night. Not to mention, being blind with diabetes. It’s ok though since the insulin is only 150 bucks a month. Not to mention the other three medications he takes daily. Oh, and I also enjoy having to pick up the large snot globs on the floor after he sneezes. His fur has turned into something I can only describe as feeling like a wet burlap sack.

Oh, I almost forgot about the festering puss-filled sore that he had on his back that had to be surgically removed for a thousand bucks.

I joke that our vet used to drive a chevette before meeting Riley, but now drives a corvette. I have the feeling this guy is going for the new record.

Heroic effort.

Sounds like he’s ready to make the high jump…

My dog passed away at almost 22


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One of lifes cruelest jokes is how short the lifespan is for mans best friend.

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we keep our vet in the gun safe.


I wonder if it they where giving him baby blood or not.

That’s just nature telling you to stop being such an overly emotional retard