WORLDS Results Day 1

Day 1 results from the World Judo Championships, Egypt, Sep. 08, 2005:


Gold - Mikhalin, Alexander (RUS)
Silver - Muneta, Yasuyuki (JPN)
Bronze - Gujejiani, Lasha (GEO)
Bronze - Robin, Pierre (FRA)

Gold - Suzuki, Keiji (JPN)
Silver - Bubon, Vitaliy (UKR)
Bronze - Correa, Luciano (BRA)
Bronze - Kabanov, Dmitry (RUS)


Gold - Tong, Wen (CHN)
Silver - Bryant, Karina (GBR)
Bronze - Mondiere, Anne Sophie (FRA)
Bronze - Tsukada, Maki (JPN)

Gold - Laborde, Yurisel (CUB)
Silver - Nakazawa, Sae (JPN)
Bronze - Lebrun, Celine (FRA)
Bronze - Zwiers, Claudia (NED)

Mikhalin & Suzki continue to pave their way into judo immortality.

I'd love to see the Mikhalin/Muneta final.

i friggin picked muneta in my fantasy picks.. but, thats okay cause i also picked suzuki...

i also picked Lebrun and Bryant, so, i at least picked all medallists... idunno if that matters though.

2nd time Muneta gets beat by Mikhaylin at worlds, first at 2001 worlds and now at this world's finals.

Suzuki wins again - what a stud!

Can't wait for the dvds to come out!

That Egypt Judo website sucks, hardly any photos and a few random video clips only.

and what's with referees wearing brown coats? is that something the organizers gave them? or is it from IJF?

Suzuki is just on a roll. He won the world title twice plus the most coveted medal of all: the olympic gold.

Hope fully he can keep it up but it will only get harder.

i hope Zvaudari wins tomorrow. Good luck to him.


It does. You get points depending on where your picks finish. However, you cannot win the grand surprise unless every pick you make wins gold.


ZVAUDARI got owned. he lost both of his matches.
his cousin, Iliads, however, made it at least to the semifinals at 90kg.

Rousey won 2 and then lost to the Israeli, who then lost and eliminated her.

Aaron Cohen seemingly fought really well, but lost by yuko to the Georgian who then lost.

Mocco won 1 and lost 1.

Dariuz lost to the Alarza by 2 yukos... not bad considering he's the euro champ.

really, for being such a young team, i think they did really well..

Sounds like they didn't go down easy.

I guess someone has to report for Canada. :)

After day 2:
5th / Marie-Helen Chisolm (F-63kg)
7th / Amy Cotton (F-78kg)
9th / Oli Berger (F+78kg)




zvaudari and Illiad = cousins? That's news to me.

Illiad the 81kg gold in Athens? i know he moved up a weight class.

Mikhalin's win was brilliant. Muneta was on that day, his semi-finals ippon win was unbelievable, like a kind of ura nage but you have to see the video. Muneta was doing well in the final as well, until they landed on the ground after a failed throw. Mikhalin had the presence of mind to grab Muneta's leg and use Muneta's momentum to flip him over onto his back. I don't think there was anything Muneta could do about that, it was just a great technique.