Worlds Strongest Man In K1?

According To Fight Sport Mag. Mariusz Pudzianowski The Polist Strength athlete might be brought into replace Bob Sapp. Not only is he very strong but has been training in Kyokushinkai Karate since 11 years old and likes to box on his spare time.

Any other things heard about this rumor please tell.

Are you fuckin serious???

I see that show all the time and can't help but think what a monster he would be... Not your average immobile powerlifter either, the guy has agility.

pudz was a pro boxer wasn't he?

or amateur?

pudz was a pro boxer wasn't he?

or amateur?

I know he's done Kyokushin for a long time.

If its true I would be very interested to see how he goes. Pudz makes Sapp look weak! He has great agility but the big question is what is his conditioning going to be like? Strongman is a completely different sport to mma but he is well conditioned for strongman!

If they matched him against some guys that he outweighed considerably, I'm sure he could probably do a lot of damage just throwing them around with some rudimentary grappling. Think Sapp/Noguiera only with someone much stronger and more agile than Sapp vs. someone not nearly as good as Nog.

ive heard recently he added jiu-jitsu to his arsenal and he is a bluebelt, i always said that guy with a little takedown training and like purple belt level jiu-jitsu could be serious for real, hes so fucking strong but hes athletic and lean and very fast for his size, he would b tough, cuz ive heard about his stand up background as well. i think he is alot stronger and more dangerous than sapp.

Well the true "world's strongest man" is the SHW wrestling world champion.

And I would not really be impressed with the idea of a "Strongman Champion" entering MMA, but for the fact that he "has been training in Kyokushinkai Karate since 11 years old and likes to box."

So apparently, he's not just an immobile boulder, after all. And from all the comments here about his agility, I would love to see how he does.

How much does the guy weigh?

That would be unimaginably sweet. Can you imagine rolling with that guy if he seriously has skills and conditioning? Forget it!

would be interesting, im a fan of Marius but would rather just see him stay at strong man than become a circus act.

he said that he gave up boxing because he didnt like getting hit in the face, so i doubt it, i wouldnt imagine he needs the money that much.

How much does the guy weigh?

I've seen him billed everywhere between 260-290 lbs. His height is a bit of a mystery to me as well. Some have claimed 5'10", while others maintain 6'1". He's a big, strong dood, thats for sure.

Not to mention, he's one of the few WSM competitors to actually leave the ground when he jumps for joy! ttt for pudz to create a strange new sub game with his gorilla strength. "The two-handed skull squasher."

Edit: most current sites are reporting him as 290-310 now.

any pics that work?

I'm guessing he'll get beaten fairly quickly

remember that guy, shit what's his name, the south african that fought bobby hoffman?

got knocked out cold in the first round

damn, that guy's name is on the tip of my tongue but I'm too lazy to look it up lol

Jouka Ahola part II.

Pigpen, that was Mark Robinson.

He was also ADCC Champ, as well as a South African judo champ. Damn, the guy came in with a lot of hype, he was huge and powerful, and supposed to be an absolute monster and the next dominant force in the UFC.
and his site

This guy is an athlete! I hope its true that he's fighting!

"Pigpen, that was Mark Robinson"

yeah, that's right!

I guess no matter how big and strong you get, you can't work on your chin...

or can you?