World's Strongest Man vs. BlueBelt

World's Strongest Man vs. a BJJ blue belt. Let's say the blue Belt is a competitive lightweight around 150lbs. who takes it?

the dickfor takes it.


whats a dick for?

World's strongest man could probably break a 150 pound blue belts ribs just be bear hugging him. Get real.

a pirate would beat both of them...

That just blew my mind.

How about the world's strongest bluebelt vs. a weight lifter who, if they gave out belts for lifting, would be a blue belt in weight lifting.

When super baby came down in that meteor... I recon he may have accidentaly killed his parent, as kids havent learnt to fully control them selves... I mean I would have killed both my parents when I was 14.... I use to hate them, and some of the rows we had would have definately led me to lazer eye them both.

Cut along story short Superteen would be doing 20 in the penn by the time he jacks for the first time.

Is this relevant?

Superteen wouldn't be doing any time, because nobody would be able to arrest him. Except a pirate maybe...

If the blue belt had good defnse and cardio to survive the initial fight- then he could submit a tired musclebound strong guy.

Blueelt by submission late


hulk smash blue belt is dead or broken in half

Is that the world's strongest man, pound for pound?

what the?!

I trained strongman for three years with Phil Pfister. I'm a blue belt in BJJ. We never officially grappled but we'd goof around and he would just toss me around like a bitch, that was when I weighed 250 pounds.
He has no fight training but his size and strength alone would not be worth the chance to find out if a blue belt could win. A 360lb. blue belt probably would beat him, then again most 360lb. guys are not as athletic either and would gas quickly.

He's not only strong but he is very athletic.