Worn out knees alternative treatments?

I had medial menus all tears in both knees 20 ish years ago. My knees are getting to bone on bone in the medial meniscus. I’m starting to look into treatments other than just corticosteroid shots and nerve deadening to deal with it. Have any of you OGers had any alternative treatments? I listened to the JRE with Dr Roddy McGee and he had some good info. Do you guys have any stories to share? 


Horrible arthritis, followed by knee replacement. That's right, with all the breakthroughs in medical technology they can't figure out how to replace that. Use some flex seal on it or something.

Im in the same boat.

Try cissus quadrangularis

I would assume knee replacements

Your heading into knee replacement territory at this stage unfortunately .   Bone on bone doesn’t leave much wiggle room for any alternative therapy. 

Talk to an orthopod for a consultation and exam

lol at that sn and thread title