Worried about TUF 3

With Tito and Ken being the coaches I think this could backfire heavily.

Looking at the history of Shamrock, while he is a pioneer of the sport he also will do, or say anything for money. The whole Don Frye thing, their press conference in Pride, and many other things come to mind.

Tito, he is a professional, always fun to watch and a guy who brings it everytime. Though I am a Chuck fan I respect Tito a lot for what he has done for the sport. He has been known to start some shit every now and then and having him and Ken be coaches could cause some serious drama as they are both cut out of the WWE mold.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a WWE style show where the coaches are not professional, and represent the sport well. I do not want them to be complete angels, but still I think Ken and Tito could take it too far and end up doing as much harm to the sport as good.


ummm..it's a TV show-i wouldn't lose any sleep over it

No, what I am saying is that these fighters are training for a spot on the main stage of the sport, I do not want to see a couple hot headed coaches come in and do anything to bring down the sport. We are stil a very small sport in the grand scheme of things and if the hope is to bring it to the forefront and get the premier fighters the money they deserve having two people like Tito and Ken do their WWE style acting just to bring drama to the show woul dbe a horrible idea.

Yes it is a TV show, yes everyone likes to see drama, but there is a point where it just becomes stupid. Might as well have HHH and the Rock be the coaches if you want to see some over acting stupid drama play out.


i think it'll be ok-i'm just worried about Ken breaking a hip if he overdoes it

I know I prefer watching bad acting and pro wrasslin tactics to watching men mud wrestle and put their hands down each others pants. TUF II had just way, way too many homoerotic moments, so just about anything will be an improvement.

It isn't live...everything should be edited so if they realy do get out of hand they will simply edit and re-take...hollywood style.

I'm actually not all that excited about The Tito vs Ken thing...it should all be made for TV...It'll be like a WWE event...good action but nothing real..for me that sort of ruins it.

If their beef is legitimate (I highly doubt it) then I'm sure there is some sort of non-agression contract both were made to sign prior to being named coaches. Not doing so would be idiotic. No way Dana would risk them throwing down without making PPV $$$s on it.

Did you read my post and decide to copy/paste and post it..?

Shame on you!

The more drama, the higher the ratings, the better exposure.

The only thing they can do to mess it up is to NOT be like themselves.

Louco is correct!

303 i cant recall you ever posting here, only on nfl or nba forums lol

I'm worried about a lot of things....TUF 3 isn't one of them

tito really isnt that bad its ken that gets all worked up. tito just stands there and ken gets all up in his face talkin smack. does anyone know what UFC Tito and Forrest are fighting in?