worried friend will off his self....


friend of mine is in a bad place. drinking alot, talking crazy, writing crazy. he posted this bout an hour ago

One Last Cry

Has it really gotten to this point
This point of complete darkness
This point of no turning back
I don't want to go, yet what are my options

Will you judge me for my decision
Will you look back an wonder
Will you think of our times
Will you care

I'm scared,scared because I know the journey ahead
Hellbound, but is this not hell already
Have I not faced enough
Can I not have one single second to breathe

Is that not the description of hell
The lake of fire consuming my soul for all eternity
Not one second of relief
If so am I not prepared in some way for that torment

I stand divided It is a different pain
Maybe much worse, but have I not suffered every second
It is different but by how much

My heart is in torment and compared to the physical pain of hell
I may take the latter
I have known nothing but pain for so long
Is eternity that much worse

Honestly......I would say yes
Yet honestly..... Im not sure anymore if I care
I have seen enough
I have ached enough

I don't know if this is goodbye
But I know i'm hanging by a thread
I'm preparing for the worst
Because my heart is already dead

cry for help or attn or what, ive lost to many friends to stupid shit , taking their own life.

Just go talk to him or call him. A lot of times all that's needed to pull someone away from the edge is some one to just say "hey it's ok I'm here lets work it out"

If you can't get ahold if him then call emergency services. Better safe than not. Phone Post 3.0

ive been talking to him since right before i posted

spend the night with him and make him a meal.

talk to him and ask him as a man and as a concerned friend be forward about how worried you are and how serious you are about helpibg Phone Post 3.0

You should reach out to him at the very least. Let him know you are there for him.
Its better to reach out and find out it was jusr attention thing than not di anything and live with regrets of not stepping in if he is serious about suicide. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah man I was at the bottom of the barrel a few months ago when I found out my wife was moving out and taking the kids and leaving me a house I probably couldn't pay for or sell.

Thankfully somebody I knew answered the phone. Just gotta him through this bad phase. Just get him to wait a day no matter what.

ive been where he is, im an alcoholic , ive been where he is now

wish i could get to him but im 6hrs away right now.

he says he doesnt have a problem but i mean he was suppose to be my best man at my wedding and got so drunk and out of control i had to fight him.

Call 9-1-1 and send the police out to his house for a welfare check Phone Post 3.0

Some times you can't talk it out because there are chemical issues going on. Phone Post 3.0

Already good advice in this thread, just stay w him op Phone Post 3.0

Get his sorry ass off the alcohol. Then tell him to find his testicles. Some phillie break his heart?

im still talking to him

should i just be like "bro this is gonna piss you off but you got a problem"

yea seems a splittail is the source he says

PUBLICnoose - spend the night with him and make him a meal.

talk to him and ask him as a man and as a concerned friend be forward about how worried you are and how serious you are about helpibg Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0

Tell that dude try my life on for size. Every day is the worst day of my life. Phone Post 3.0

Usually I scoff at people that say suicidal shit on Facebook but recently a friend of mine I knew since childhood blew his face off earlier this week.

His wake was today and seeing his family upset and everything else that came with it has changed how I will view these cries for help in the future.

He was constantly writing that he was gonna off himself but no one really thought he actually would.

Reach out to your friend, even if u think he is being a drama queen , pussy etc.

Trust me it sucks going to the wake. Phone Post 3.0

Best thing you can do is go see him and talk I felt like shit a few weeks ago not suicidal bad but just shitty for like 2 month or so finally told my mate and he helped me out massively just by listening sometimes people just need to get stuff off there chest and it does the world of good Phone Post 3.0

i talked to him for awhile, he calme down and went to bed, today he is back at it, he downs a pint of whiskey as an appetizer before he starts drinking, been doing this for a month now.

and yea ive been to far to many wakes of friends who took their life.

Damn, you hang out with a depressed bunch.


Why is he drinking?