Worse Than The Stinkface...

I just finished the career mode in Legends Of Wrestling II (I got it to give me a fix whilst waiting for Showdown to come out), and watched the various interviews available in the Theatre.In the second Bam Bam Bigelow one, he talks about a match in which Andre the Giant was in the ring with Bad News Brown. Brown was on his back, and Andre grabbed the ropes and prepared to sit on him. However, his stomach was messed up that day. When he sat down, he crapped all over Bad News Brown.That must really have sucked...


LMMFAO!!!! Oh god that's fuckin terrible!!!! lol, I can't believe more people haven't responded to this horrific thread!!! lol


Sid once shit his pants from an Undertaker powerslam.


Didn't Pat Patterson shit himself after Ken Shamrock gave him a belly-2-belly suplex?

"t Pat Patterson shit himself after Ken Shamrock gave him a belly-2-belly suplex?"

I heard that too, LOL!


While we're on the subject of human waste excretion...

Another I read was during the whole NWO angle in WCW, they'd have these storylines where wrestlers would appear out of nowhere (lights go out, smoke, etc); and this would be accomplished by having them hide under the ring before the program started. During one of these angles, Curt Hennig and several other guys were under the ring, and had a bucket they'd pass around if someone needed to urinate. One time Hennig had to take a dump, though, and he and all the others were stuck under the ring for over an hour with a bucket of his poop!

LOFL @ that story!!!

Michael Hayes messed himself on live memphis TV 20+ years ago

In the new Tommy Young shoot interview, he tells a story how Ric Flair shat himself during a match with Ricky Steamboat, but they still finished the match.
Tommy seemed impressed by their professionalism, believe it or not.

haha...awesome stories all around

Isn't the rumour that Playboy Buddy Rich had to perform a certain sexual favor to the promoter in order to win the NWA title.

It's a rumor, but that was Tommy "Wildfire" Rich who hads to allow a promoter to perform oral sex on him towin the belt. Rich was 19 at the time, and might still be the youngest ever to win the belt, even if it was only for 5 days.

Why did this happen? Even Ric Flair said on WWE Confidential that there was an NWA board which decided who would get to be shamp; and despite being with WWWF, Vince McMahon Sr. was on it. The NWA champ had to post a $25,000 bond when he won the belt; refundable when he dropped the belt. It's possible, that at 19 yrs old (and remember this was over 20 yrs ago), Rich may not have had $25,000 of disposable income and had to do something else to get the belt.


Many people scratch their head over Rich winning the title. But Rich was a TREMENDOUSLY over in Georgia at the time and the feeling was giving him the belt would sustain that interest.

Gives a whole new meaning to the name "Bad News Brown"

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