Worst and best off season so far?

So, worst I would have to say is the Cleveland Browns.
They have sooooooooo many holes in their game, and needed to make a play in free agency to have any hope of doing something this year.
They missed RG3 (could be argued as good or bad I suppose), did NOT get ANY wide receivers at this point.
Lost their running back.
Let go of Eric Steinbach (who may or may not still be hurt, and yes it was 6 million or whatever) but he was STILL a pro bowler...so now their front line has TWO huge holes and NO depth.
Didn't really sign anyone to address any problems.

Best: Well, argument can be made for Denver obviously.
If washington ends up in the super bowl, that could be made as well as it was a heck of a crap shoot..so they could also be argued for worst. lol


Miami is up there for worst off season too, they missed out on pretty much every QB opportunity so far.

The Skins have done alright, they could've been better if they didn't get that $36M salary cap hit (spread over two years) two days before free agency. They probably would've picked up players like Vincent Jackson and Brandon Lloyd to beef up their receiving core

That security guy ruined the moment. It could have been a beautiful moment like Jose Aldo running into the crowd but that one dumb motherfucker ruined it all for everyone.

Texans have been spending their offseason getting under the cap... which has resulted in letting quality players go :-(

KC has had a great offseason. Bowe franchised, Routt, Hillis, Winston, all solid pickups, for what they are going to do and what they are going to get paid.

Now for the draft. For the record my favorite guy is Trent Richardson.

Richardson better go to the Browns.

Being perfectly honest, I'm not against Miami's inability to get a QB in free agency. I'd rather see them go in to 2012 with Brees and Garrard, then make the mother of all offers to Drew Brees in 2013 than go after 36 year old Peyton Manning post four neck surgeries, Matt Flynn, Alex Smith or any of the other QB available this off-season.

Hated seeing them let Langford go and even though he was an idiot, they better have a plan at WR.