Worst beatdown in UFC history?

Who's been on the receiving end of the worst beatdown in UFC history?

A few off the top of my head:

BJ Penn from GSP in their 2nd fight

Rich Franklin from Anderson in the 1st fight

Tito from Chuck (both times)

JDS from Cain


evan tanner from rich franklin

Oleg from Dan Severn

Tito vs Ken UFC 40


Gomi from Nate Diaz

Maldonado from Glover

Bendo V Nate is up there.

Bader - Perosh


UG shoutout to Killa B sculpting Brandon Wolf's (sp? was that the guys name?) head with his knees.

Lawler vs Rory was hard to watch. There was some lasting damage done in that fight to both guys.

Tim Sylvia vs Cabbage stands out as the only time I really thought I might see someone die in the ring.  Cabbage has more heart than is healthy.

Bj vs Diego. The stats from that fight would look fake on a video game.

Before bj sliced diegos forehead open with the high kick that led to the end of the fight, in 22.5 minutes of fighting Diego was 8 for 108 on strikes and 0 for 27 on takedowns.

as far as long-time beatings, frye dished out a few to hall and bitetti

Yeah, I'm talking about long, drawn-out beatings. Not just getting in there and kicking the shit out of them quick

Babalu vs David Heath for pure bloodshed and chokes being held too long 

Leonard Garcia withstanding everything Roger Huerta could throw at him.

Struve vs. Denis Stojnic was gnarly

It has to be a long fight. Afterall Baroni almost killed Menne but the fight only lasted a minute or so.

So to me here are mine:

Ace Franklin vs. Crow 

Tito vs. Ken 1

Velasquez vs. JDS 3

GSP vs. Fitch

JJ vs. Penne

Pat Curran vs Joe Warren

Joe Lauzon against that guy off TUF.....Gabe was it?

Leben vs. Anderson Silva.

Aldo vs Faber sticks out to me.