Worst beating youve taken outside the gym/comp/tournys

When I was five a twleve year old neighbor ran up to me and he was going to lunch me and if I ran he was going to beat me up.

So I ran and he caught me and kidney punched me. My legs stopped working and I collapsed, and he slapped and mocked me as I lay there.

My bitch ass older brother didn’t do anything about it when he found out.

A few months later the kid got arrested for burglarizing our house. I guess he got sent to live with his dad after that because I never saw him again

Never was in a situation as an adult that resulted in a fight. Took a lot of beatings as a child. Thrown down stairs and shit.

We arranged a fight with another school that was talking shit, but they didn’t show, only a couple of them and there was loads of us. We didn’t bash em as it wasn’t fair, I do remember that a petrol bomb got done on a random persons wall. I remember thinking what the fuck, way past the level I was expecting.

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Some other cunt had a Roman candle ready to shoot em. I was a couple years younger than the top lads so I was just happy to go along. But like I said we didn’t bash the couple of lads that got off the bus, we just let them know they were pussy holes.

Took a bottle to the back of the head. I stumbled a bit and by the time I had recovered and turned around two or three guys were driving off. Been sucker punched a couple times, but never had my shit pushed in outside of gym or tournament. Probably got lucky a couple times in my loud mouth teen years and didn’t know it.


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Just after my senior college wrestling season. My Statistics Professor showed up to wrestling room and beat me senseless. I found out afterwards that he was a Judo Red Belt and had coached the Olympic Judo teams for the USA as well as for Japan. He is an absolute monster. Easily the toughest Stats Professor on Earth.


My last night running security for a swanky bar in King Cross before I start my grad program in the new year so Im pumped. We had easily 10gs of coke between the security team and im doing cheekt shots that my bar staff and bringing out to me. Im on fire.

A bunch of Lebanese hoods try to gain entry wearing Londsdale signlets and air maxes and get laughed at by our Tongan head doorman but I decide to get involved and a brawl erupts after I palm one of them in the face.

I get pulled onto the road while the rest of the security team is bottle necked at the entrance. I ended up with a fractured orbital socket, broken nose, fractured whatever they call the roof of your mouth and fractured shoulder blade.

Lesson, dont fuck with young arab fellas they dont fuck around.

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I was 17, hanging out with a group of friends and my girlfriend at the time. Girl wanted to go home, I walked her back home past a group of around 20 youths. When walking back to my friends, I passed the group again and they shouted over asking if I was Catholic (I’m in Northern Ireland so it’s still pretty divided here). I tried to ignore them and walk on but one ran up to me and asked me again and I told him I was.

At this point he yelled out “HE’S A CATHOLIC GET HIM”. Lol, I started sprinting ahead onto a busy dual carriageway with plenty of cars passing by while the whole group chased me. Two caught up with me, one tried to hold my arms behind my back to give the other a free shot but I broke free, dropped the guy ahead of me with a nice liver kick, gave the guy holding me a 1-2 and kept running. A few more caught up one by one and I cracked a few more until eventually they all caught up with me and I turtled up as they stomped me out.

Only damage was a bad concussion and a broken nose, and I had a boot print ingrained on my head for the next week lol. I got a £2000 claim shortly after as it was classed as a hate crime over here.

Could have been a lot worse! Funny thing is a few months later when I had my boys with me, we ran into them at a local funfair and they all turned tail and ran for their lives.


Sure. I was probably 14-15 and walking down the street in some unfamiliar neighborhood trying to get in some girls pants. An older much bigger guy that I thought I was on good terms with picked me up by my throat and launched me into space. He did it just because he could. I was a little banged up and got no play from the girl either.


I got choked out when I was a senior in HS, which is what got me into BJJ/MMA. Life changing experience.

I’ve never lost a verbal or physical altercation in my entire life…

Because I have never been involved in any such offbeat shenanigans. While all you were getting beat up, I was playing chess and watching birds.

I’m a no frills kind of guy.

Hahaha. I used to work at the pub, our bouncers got into all kinds of shenanigans, I hid a cosh for one once, he told the pub “nobody mention the cosh to the coppers!”

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What the fuck!!??you are not a Tanaka!

Got beat up by a bunch of Samoans in a park whilst battling consciousness from drinking straight scotch when I was 16. Got kicked in the face enough to nearly tear an eyebrow off. Bumped into them not long after with even numbers and got even. The original instigator was allegedly tied behind a car and dragged around a parking lot infront of his sobbing mates. Life before camera phones and cctv made getting even a lot easier.

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When I was about 11 I was out with my chums when out of the blue one of them suckered me with that move yoshimitsu does, kicked my leg and smashed my chest. I got the deck really fucken hard and it winded me. I can’t recall what it was about.

Another good one, walking between pubs, past a group of teenagers i mentioned to my friend that they look like a bunch of chavs, and one of the fuckers slugged me one, knocking me down, it just caught me off guard, I was fine tho just angry, both groups had to intervene to keep me off him, he’d changed his tune and didn’t want to fight. Eventually it all calmed down. Dude is massive now, and I know he’s had a few boxing matches, glad he punched me a few years earlier, I’m sure I’d be fucked if he wanted to beat me up these days.