Worst Beer Eva

I gotta go with Samuel Adams, with Corona and Heineken not far behind.

For Bradleymas, my buddy Ron got me a huge champagne bottle of Heineken. I finally drank it Sunday night while playing Hold Em with Ne' Ne'. Brutal, barely got it down

I completely agree with Heineken and Corona.

Sam Adams doesn't bother me.

Kalik is awful, too.


not into most micro brews

They aren't bad, but I find that they taste alike.

try Cave Creek Chili beer. Absolute ass in a bottle.

Is that from here in Phx? Cave Creek is a small town here mostly inhabited by bikers

Umm, lets see-


Indeed it is.

anything with the name Milwaukee in it. Heineken gets special mention for its amazingly bad hangovers.

Tiger ale or lager - I can't remember.

Godawful stuff.

Tiger ale or lager - I can't remember.

Godawful stuff.

Heineken man- how many US beers have you had besides bud/mill/coors?

Before I could buy,I paid this street bum to get me some beer,he came back with Heineken Dark.
Worst shit I've ever encountered.

I'll agree with that :)

Bush, Natural Light, Miller Lite, Budwiser, MGD, Coors, Coors Lite, Bud Lite

Anything "Lite"

Sam Adams


Schaefer, Miller High Life, and Iron City are pretty bad.

I think if you can find one of those beers that like doesnt even have a name, it's just a while can with BEER printed on it, that might be the worst beer ever.