Worst Behavior Seen at Gun Store/ Range

In fairness, in my state I don’t need to do a background check every time I buy a gun from a store now since I have my WCL(weapons carry license). They take the number down and no check needed.

Here’s a quick funny one.

Hood guy comes in and says he needs a case for his Luger. I already knew that he probably meant holster and not case because holsters seem to be called cases in the hood. Also, I would have been very surprised if he owned a collectible/historic firearm like a Luger. I started to show him holsters and I said “So, you have a German Luger?” to which he resounds “Yeah, it’s a Hi-Point.” I was momentarily extremely confused until I remembered that Hi-Point pistols have “9MM Luger” stamped on the side. So this dude has the cheapest, shittiest gun they sell and he’s calling it a Luger.

It’s kinda like when people come in and think their gun is a Smith & Wesson because it’s chambered in 40 S&W but even more retarded.

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That’s interesting. I really only know and go by the laws in my particular state.

Once, an 18 year old girl came in looking for a gun. Any gun. Whatever she could get. When people do that, it’s already a massive red flag. She was Hispanic and wearing an oversized hoodie with a giant rebel flag design on it and she had a hat to match. You can’t buy a handgun until you’re 21 and my store won’t sell AR’s or “tactical” shit to under 21 either. The salesmen showed her a pump shotgun and started the background check. It never should have gone that far. Her behavior was very twitchy and nervous and the manager put her on a false wait even after she was approved. We told her to come back tomorrow hoping she never would.

The next day, we get a hysterical phone call from her mother saying her daughter is schizophrenic and jokes about killing herself or shooting up a school. She doesn’t know how she ever passed a background check because she’s been in and out of mental health facilities. She said the confederate flag stuff was because she likes to start trouble everywhere she goes. She insisted that if she leaves the store with a gun someone will die. No sooner did I hang up the phone than the girl came in to get her shotgun.

I informed the manager and we all decided to tell her why we weren’t comfortable selling her the firearm and pointed out some mental health resources for her. She was actually appreciative. She left and we called all the other gun shops in the area to be on the lookout for her and advised them not to sell to her.

No idea what became of that girl but I know she didn’t shoot up a school.


Not to take this political, but if the gun laws on the books were actually utilized, there would a lot less mass shootings. The mental health facilities probably never processed the proper documentation to be put on a no buy list because of some bleeding heart reason about ruining her life.

That’s not really how it works. Mental health facilities are where people land after going through the court system. If there is a failure in documentation it is with the courts, not with the hospitals.

Well not everyone who ends up in one got there through court. Some people self admit.

At private hospitals, yes, but not most state mental hospitals. You need a direct referral from the courts.

There would also be a lot less criminals on the street