Worst Cigar EVA!!!!

I am very disappointed to report that I have just smoked what was probably the worst cigar I've ever suffered through....

One my new Cuban Monte Cristo #4's....

God, it was so AWFUL!!!!! I will usually smoke a Cuban cigar until I am burning my fingers pinching it like a joint (I really like to savor every last bit!), but I smoked a little over 1/2 and tossed it. I kept hoping (PRAYING) that it would get better, but it never did. Grassiest cigar I've ever had....

So, I have 4 others. The tobacco is obviously not properly aged. How long should these sit in one's humidor before taking another chance at the remainder?


Possibly counterfeit? I mean, I've smoked those and loved them, plus they typically rank around 90-92 points in cigar magazine testing.

Maybe a bad 1. They are generally great, as earlier stated. Try another 1. If shitty also, prob fake.

Small cigars are not as powerful as the #2's, but still nice.

I find it really difficult to believe they are counterfeit. I mean, c'mon, they came in a Montecristo box (photograph on my "Hunidor Additions" thread)

I think I just got a bad one (I hope I just got a bad one!). I did notice after I started smoking it that there was a green spot on the wrapper. But I discounted it b/c I've smoked other cigars with green spots and not had such a horrible smoking experience as this...

It was just really harsh and grassy.

Should I try 'aging' them in my humidor to be safe?

green spots are common. They prob are ok, but you either got a bad 1 or the quality has become even worse.

Aight, I appreciate it JM...

True, true....

I'm just hesitant to call "counterfeit" because it seems as if they have gone through a lot of trouble... I mean, it came in the Monte Cristo box and all..... I've seen counterfeits before, and the ones I've seen haven't gone through all the trouble.

But then again, I may be underestimating peoples determination to pull a fast one!

Fake Monte Cristo boxes are common in Mexico. Ever other store in Ensenada has them.

Cohiba is the first most counterfited, second is Monte.

Go to cigar afficionado's website and they have a counterfit Cuban gallery. The people counterfitting are pretty skilled and fool a lot of folks.

cough ACID cough... sorry, didn't mean to hijack.


Had the opportunity to smoke another with a friend who is more of a cigar conniesseur (sp?) than I am. He took one look at the cigars and pointed out that they were way too dry. We each smoked one and the overt harshness to the smoke was due to the dryness, not due to the cigar itself being bad.

The remainder of the cigars are being placed in a humidor for a couple of months before we give them another go.

Looks like they were genuine afterall, just not properly stored/cared for.

My bad....


Did they split while smoking?

They didn't split, but the ends we had in our mouth started noticably swelling as we smoked....

Needless to say, I felt a bit like a 'tard for not figuring that out on my own. I may appreciate a good smoke, but I've got a long way to go about learning about proper care of your merchandise....