Worst commentary team ever: Benny Ricardo & Jeremy

Im sure like many of you who watched the fight must have been thinking the same thing as i was during this lack luster fight. Who are these two calling this fight and why where they even being paid to commentate. Benny Ricardo & Jeremy Horn where absolutely awful. Benny Ricardo kept mispronouncing Fedor's name and sounded like he didn't know a thing about either fighter or the sport of mma. Jeremy Horn... wow. I expected at least some more knowledgeable comments from such and experienced fighter and trainer. Guess i was wrong.

here are some quotes from these two genius's:

"the last emper Fayder Emelenko"

After the event he had the gall to say "I don't know if I got all those names right but I gave it a heck of a shot."

Benny Ricardo & Jeremy Horn where atrocious and had no business doing commentary for this fight

The fight was decent at best.

Monson looked terrible, and Fedor looked hesitant and couldn't finish a one legged Monson. Fedor did show some nice stiff leg kicks which slowed Monson down and kept him at a distance