Worst dream I can remember

I came home and there was a woman at the kitchen table.  She was just in panties, drinking a four pack of beer.  The beer was was still in the holster, holding them together but they were all open. I didn't notice yet.  I said hello and sat down as if things were normal but I didn't really read the situation.  The face was not quite fitting on the body but in the dream it was all normal.  We started to chat like it was a regular situation but I started to realize that something wasn't quite right.  She went to take another sip of the four pack and that was when I noticed all the cans were open and empty as she tried to drink the last one.  I grabbed it and said, "did you drink all of them already?".  She stood up and said "yeah, I fucked up".  And that was when I noticed she was only in panties.  She walked past me and I put the cans down.  When I turned to look, she said, "I'm sorry".  She collapsed to the floor foaming at the mouth.  I stood up and screamed, "NO, NOT AGAIN!"  and ran over to her on the floor.  She was already cold and then I woke up. 

It wasn't until later after looking at a picture of my infant daughter that I realized that was the face on the woman in my dream.  I had walked in on a similar scene with my ex wife nine years ago.  The situation in my dream was a different version of how I found my wife when she overdosed on her medication.  That evening she was already on the floor convulsing when I walked in. What was the same was she was only wearing panties.   The apartment was trashed.  Like someone was looking for something.  There was feces smeared on the walls and floor of the bathroom and the shower curtain was ripped off the rod.  She had some swelling on her head where she must have hit her head on the table when she fell. 

I called 911 and held her until the paramedics came.  She was shaking and babbling, not making any sense.  Speaking half in English and the rest in Swedish.  I still didn't know that she had intentionally overdosed.  She started some new meds and thought it was an allergic reaction.  After they took her in the ambulance, I called her doctor.  She told me to look for her meds.  They were not in the cabinet where she usually kept them. I looked in the garbage and saw the empty containers.  She told me to look for a note.  I found it on the nightstand next to an empty bottle of vodka.  I was destroyed.  That was the end of our marriage.  She lived but I never recovered.

Now this dream.  Fuck....

of course you transpose this to your daughter because it's probably the single most important thing you want to protect her from and not have happen.  and it won't so don't worry--especially because it's already there on your conscience radar.

also remember, that prayer and God is real.  align w/ that please. :)

That makes sense...but csn you say God in China?

Indeed we do.


in fact even they say "Tian Na" which is "OMG" 

Mao I've heard everything