Worst fatal 4 way you can think of


Great Khali


Ultimate Warrior


X pac



goldberg vs. david arquette vs. vince russo vs. mama bagwell.

for the wcw title.

Kevin Nash, Khali, Mark Henry, all getting squashed by Shane McMahon, who in turn goes on hiatus for 2 years. But the other 3 stick around.

The great Khali Vs The Giant Gonzalez Vs Nathan Jones Vs Gene Snitsky

The Great Khali vs Snitsky vs The Ultimate Warrior vs David Arquette in a Kennel From Hell/Triple Cage Match (like the one in Ready to Rumble, only far worse)

Shut your mouth, John Tenta knew how to work

Batista vs Lashley vs Warrior vs Goldberg

"Batista vs Lashley vs Warrior vs Goldberg "

I'd actually like to see that LOL

I'm sorry

Matt Stryker v. Kenny Dykstra v. Masterpiece v. MVP

Great Khali vs. Kane vs. Hogan vs. Beefcake

Shockmaster vs Bastien Booger vs Nathan Jones vs that really fat midget wrestler whats his name, el porky or something.

Lol El porky wtf? That guy cracks me up