Worst.Fighting Games. Ever.


Read then discuss.

I disagree with having MK:Trilogy on there. I like that game.

FX Fighters.

that Clay fighting game

I thought both MK trilogy(I think he is talking about a different version than the N64 one which was good) and time killers were both good. Shaq Fu was garbage as was War Gods and Bio Freaks.

Are you kidding? MK trilogy on the PS1 sucked... it was as good as impossible to finish on all but the easiest setting without cheating and playing as Motaro. And even then it was fucking solid.

Though I never played it, by all accounts Rise Of The Robots stunk.

Yeah Rise of the Robots was fucking trash.

I played SF:1 on my emulator and yes that game does suck.

Time Killers wasn't a good game, but it was fun to play for about 5 minutes every now and then.

I think MK Trilogy was drastically different depending on which system you had it for. For N64 it was a good game that I played many times. 3 on 3 kombat with my brother as the robots and me as the ninjas brings back memories.

FX Fighter sucked.I still played it when I was like 8 though.

The Justice League of America fighting game on the SNES/Genesis sucked.

The Star Wars Fighting game on the PS1 wasn't too hot either.

Final Fight on the Atari was dreadful. On the SNES it was pretty good, but the atari conversion was the most poorly executed piece of shit ever, it looked like it was made in about an hour. There were no sound effects, the screen clunked along slowly and this awful repetitive music played for the entire miserable experience without ever stopping, even between levels. No variation, nothing.

You could actually finish this pile of shit by just doing Haggar's 'special move' and nothing else. This was supposed to be a 'piledriver' but due to some lazy arsed programming all it involved was jumping in the air with the enemy sprite inverted and glued to you. This killed them instantly, and you could do it by pressing down and fire. So I just held down and fire and finished the fucker and didn't even slightly enjoy it.

You can't get a worse game than this.

Hey, now, FX Fighter was the best fighting game for PC at the time. Considering that it's only competition was Rise of the Robots, that's not saying much, but it was better than at least one game.

Dark Rift and War Gods would be my votes.

Turtle tournament fighters anyone?

Turtle tournament fighters anyone?

dude, you betttter not be referring to the snes one (which happens to be one of my fave snes games of all time).. the snes version was AWESOME. the genesis one was a piece of shit.

Adam you asshole!

Watch you mouth call TMNTTF lame.

TMNTTF was fuckin great.

Wish i had my snes :O(

Fighter's destiny was bad in my opinion. So was deadly arts.

dark rift and fighters destiny had some great control though

who came up with that stupid SF1 rubber elbowing pads for buttons?