Worst food I have ever seen in my entire life

“Sarah was offended when i used the word “vomit” but to me thats what her dinner tasted like”

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Dude… I’m not that polite. It was more “nah fuck that let’s go to a restaurant your cooking is disgusting”

Lol shieetttt my food is delicious

The Wire GIF

Don’t get me started on your nasty ass food you order lol

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Showed up in my FB feed today, because someone in my friends list commented on it.


I mean, there is no need to describe that one. Right?

I hope they’re taking the piss.

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the 50’s - 70’s were a lawless wasteland of Aspic.


Nasty? I just had mackerel and beetroot.


This guy must have ungodly farts

That looks like a huge turd.

Corn… it’s just along for the ride.

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I was watching Atlanta, and they made “fried chicken” by coating a drumstick in flour, then microwaving it for 8 and a half minutes.
All I could think of was this pic.



That’s just sick, lol. :scream:

The white people in real life were bad enough not sure why they needed to make up weird crap like that but that’s what glover likes to do. White people be so ridiculous yo.

True but he makes his own character a cuck and a pussy, and his friends all seem like scummy retards, too. The kid’s birth mom and his grandfather were abusive. Nobody on that show is really painted in a positive light lol.

Im like a season and a half in. I find it very funny. I really liked black Bieber

Was fairly true for the first few seasons. The latest season is all wypipo be fools yo while even the shitty blacks are just doing cool scams cause fuck it yo we move how we move.

Anyhow not the thread for it sorry