Worst food I have ever seen in my entire life

I expect to see this art here by midnight.

i’m going out drinking after work tonight so i’ll do my best to remember. i might even get fancy and throw some basil from the garden in it, and add some anchovy paste to the prego to make it moar betta.

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Looks like some shit I’d make.


If you make it with shells instead of macaroni each pea magically gets wrapped in its own semolina blanket. You’re welcome.

I was thinking the same thing.

I’d eat that

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Looks delicious actually.

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Yep. I love mixing shit I have laying around. I’m a big fan of bowls and skillets. Got random meats and potatoes? Make a skillet.

Got rice a d random shit? Make a bowl.

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Yesterday’s meal. I usually only eat one meal a day.

Lemon rice, lamb kefta, pickled onion, pita, tsaziki, humus, chorizo

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That picture definitely doesn’t belong in THIS thread

Has to be like kraft mac & cheese and uncooked chicken


Have you thought about doing OMAD?

What the fuck is OMAD

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Some solid onion and garlic breath after that mix.

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Looks fucking awful

It’s when you eat one meal a day. Basically, 23/1 I
Intermittent fasting .

Powerade brined turkey.

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