Worst Luck in the UFC?

My vote would have to go to Moti Horenstein. Draws Coleman and then Mark Kerr in consecutive fights adn gets badly beat by both of them.

Julian Sanchez and Matua might get runner ups for losing, but they really sucked as fighters.

WTF was ASAX and why did the fat mexican want to go to the ground with Coleman?

One word, TIKI.

Hermes Franca

Tiki all day.

Terry Martin. Great fighter but has shit luck in the UFc. hopefully they'll bring him back at 185.

Brain Johnston had some tough luck in the UFC, too. 

Anyone have an update on how he's doing? Better, I hope.

What about Cote?

Patrick Cote:

Undefeated outside of UFC and in exhibition TUF fights... 0-4 in UFC.

I think Eddie Sanchez is about to walk away with this one.

^ Thats pretty good.

Ebenezer Braga had a pretty tough consecutive run of opponents in the late 90's. Kevin Randleman, Dan Severn, Brandon Lee Hinkle, Jeremy Horn, Masa Funaki, and then Kazushi Sakuraba.


"I think Eddie Sanchez is about to walk away with this one. "



Scott Morris, Had a great finish in his first untelevised bout in ufc that no one ever saw and then goes for a trow on pat smith, ending up pulling bottom mount and gets completely destroyed before americas eyes.

The hispanic guy that Gary Goodridge, OBLITERATED.


Was that a fireman's carry gone bad, or what?


Paul Herrera will live on forever in UFC infamy:



Tiki easily

"The hispanic guy that Gary Goodridge, OBLITERATED."

...this guy?

Wow..........that's pretty damn funny.

Joe Riggs....

C'mon. KO'd By Sanchez???!!!

Tiki also came to mind, but if he loses to apple, his lack of success will be pretty evident.

Riggs could quite possibly be up there