Worst Night of UFC For Me Ever

 I just had to watch my 2 favorite fighter (Machida&Tito) Get completely destroyed. I am in a MMA depression. Also even though im not a fan of big nog, he is a legend and huge icon of the sport, it is sad to see him get submitted, hopefully he has a healthy recovery. I hope Tito spends good time with his family and gives his kids the childhood he never had. Whatever his final decision is about fighting again, i will always back him up.

         I hope Lyoto learns from his mistakes and comes back a stronger man. Jon Jones will not be beaten, i do not like him as a person but i sure as hell respect him as a fighter.  

 As a big fan of tito i think it is time to retire

You mad bro? Phone Post

3rdFloorWithFuller -  You mad bro? Phone Post

 not mad, but very sad