Worst or most painful injury you saw at a game

Obviously don't include mma

Last Sunday took my kid to our d-league team game. Jermaine Taylor who was the top player took one step dropped and screamed. Being so close to the floor it sounded horrific. Team office worker happened to come in the other night and I ask what happened. Said blown acl, mcl , bone bruise, you name it. Never heard somebody yell like that before

About five years ago I was at an AHL game. Always lots of fights but one was just a massacre. They spent whole intermission shoveling blood ice into buckets. Found out he lost teeth, broken nose, broken orbital. Just remember seeing his face at end. Just gross Phone Post 3.0

I got a paper cut once playing paper football in 5th grade. It was brutal Phone Post 3.0

At ufc 52 or so, I saw a dude get kicked in the dick so hard he had to be taken out if the cage in a stretcher.

Chev walker who used to play for hull kr leg collapsed under a tackle, i was at the game, saw people looking physically sick in the crowd

Video is here

http://youtu.be/kOBiYCqTBqg Phone Post 3.0

I used to race BMX as a kid I saw a dude get a compound fracture of his femur. It was grotesque. Phone Post 3.0

saw a guy get killed in a rugby tournament I was in from going head-to-head. One of my teammates broke his femur in another game, that was bad. Also, a guy had a compound fracture in a softball game I was in; it was pretty nasty.

Compound fracture of the forearm right in front of me at a football game in 9th grade. He made the tackle but the helmet hit him square in the forearm. I'll never forget the look on his face and him screaming afterwards.

I was his backup and started every game from then on in high school ball. Best injury ever Phone Post 3.0

I dislocated my ankle and fractured my fib playing football. Seeing my foot on a 45 degree angle was a bit weird/Scary Phone Post 3.0

Seen leg breaks, a mate fracture two vertebrae playing rugby but two stand out.
First one a lad dislocated his knee cap playing rugby when we were about 15, very nasty.
Second, a lad broke his ankle, never heard screams like it in my life. All this while on all fours, or three I guess, dragging his limp bit of leg along the ground. I was about 3 yards away from it when it happened, it was grim. Phone Post 3.0

Saw a guys shin bone come trough the skin while playing football Phone Post 3.0

Paralysis, HS hockey.

Highschool one of my teammates took a bat to the bridge of the nose. I've never seen so much blood coming out of someone's face before.

Seen a kid break his neck at a freestyle wrestling tourney my sophomore year of HS. Was at two different fights where guys ended up dying( Jimmy Garcia and Levander Johnson.) Garcia was obvious he was in bad shape so it was rough to see. I didn't know about Levander until later

Junior year in high school football('93). Was during practice drills. I don't recall what the drill was called but you line up bags and create a "runway" for about 10-15yds by 3-4yds wide. There is a ball in the center, two guys on either side 5yds back. Objective is to get the ball 5yds behind the opponents starting position while staying in the bags, that is the ONLY rule.

My partner(lineman)says he is going to chop the opponents. He does(gets one) and I grab the ball, jump over them, & land on my right foot. At that moment the other opponent hits the outside of my right knee with his helmet so hard that it destroys my knee(kneecap was free-floating in my leg). I hit the ground like a pile of s**t. Knee is numb but not hurting yet, about two seconds later the second opponent steps on my sack, as he had gotten up and jumped over my partner, partially rupturing my left testical. I immediately screamed and rolled into the fetal position clinching the ball(the football). My partner gets up and drags me across the line by my facemask while fighting off the two smaller opponents attempting to strip the ball from my arms.

Within a couple minutes the real pain was setting in and I began to puke on the sidelines while the coaches looked at my knee. In all honesty, I don't remember my knee hurting all that much until later that day. The feeling of my balls swelling to the point of nearly exploding(and the later surgery to "straighten" the trauma) was all that was going through my head at the time and had a resulting feeling of nausea.

Fast forward 15yrs and I wound up taking a knee to "the boys" during BJJ practice. Didn't send me to the hospital but sure as hell woke me up. Have used a cup every practice since(football discouraged the use of cups and so does BJJ for tourney use).

CaptainXanax - Highschool one of my teammates took a bat to the bridge of the nose. I've never seen so much blood coming out of someone's face before.
By accident ?

Kid in my little leaugue took bat to temple By accident. What a sound Phone Post 3.0



Joe Theisman's shin break.. I remember seeing that as a kid and it stillhaunts me 20 years later... uuuggghhhh


A kid got killed during a bike race i was competing in, car drove onto the course and wiped him out.

I covered a ton of HS sports when was starting out as a sportswriter. I was covering a HS baseball game (ca. 1997) and one team's pitcher was an All-State starter, about 6-4 and could throw mid-90s.

I saw this kid drill a hitter on the left side of his face, dislocating the hitter's jaw so severely that the bottom right side of his jaw tore a hole in his right cheek. You could see the kid's teeth very clearly through the gaping hole in the side of his mouth. Nasty.

Harmon Whistler - Paralysis, HS hockey.
That kid in MN a couple years ago? Phone Post

We were playing softball at a church picnic when I was a teenager. This girl was standing on second base not paying attention and got hit with a line drive square on the nose. I can still hear the sound of her getting hit. There was so much blood,so fast, it was unreal. Phone Post 3.0