Worst pain you've ever had?

I remember not seeing 2 punches coming in a bar fight & getting punched in the nose and then once in the mouth...and all I could feel was my eyes swelling & my own heartbeat thobbing in my lip.

Have you guys ever been hit so hard that it almost knocked the expession off your face?....Or been hit so hard to the body that you actually were paralyzed for a few minutes....and couldn't ontinue?

nope. sissy.

Ya, post knee reconstruction sucks ass. I have to say that is in my top 3-4 for sure.

The worst for me was when I was wrestling around with a friend in college. I got double legged and as I was going backwards, I put out my arm to shield the fall (dumb, I know). I locked my arm out(also super dumb) and as I hit the ground I completely blew my elbow out of it's capsule. It was a nasty dislocation. For the first 30 seconds after it popped it hurt so bad I thought I had broken everything. The entire length of my arm was black and blue for about 2-3 weeks. Anyway, my dumb ass learned a good lesson from that.

Getting pulled into a peice of mill equipment 15 years ago. Left arm almost completley torn off, right arm dislocated very badley, neck fractured. I have a scar from wrist to the top of my shoulder, and 2 plates still in my arm. Almost died a few times and was VERY lucky to be taken to a high level tramua hospital. Lost a ton of blood and was told not to do physical excercise anymore. Got a couple of blackbelts, skydived and rock climbed since then...Up till then a blown knee etc...but that was paradice compared...

Wow, contest over. BushHog wins!

I'm glad to hear about your recovery, bro.

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HOLY SHIT guys!.....Those are incredible stories!

Miller.....You'e freakin hilarious!....Cant wait to buy you a beer at an AFC show down here!....get down here & I'm buyin!

Damn....and I meant pain from an MMA fight...lol

For me, an ear draining did hurt like hell...and broken ribs were pretty bad too.

From training... me and some guys were doing some boxing sparring, going pretty hard... I was on fire that night... any way this big dude ~225 6'2" all muscle and I "~180 5'11" " started to box... I was toolin' him, hiting combos left and right, out of no were he upper cutted me in the gut just below my breast bone... It knocked me down and took all my wind, I couldn't breath or get to my feet, my whole insides burned... terrible pain, I was done after that...

Dude, pass a kidney stone; it can't get any worse.

i hate these threads, i read them and pray some of this tuff never ever happens to me

yet i'm still drawn to them, its gonna happen one day and theres nothing i can do about it

The worst pain was probably taking an unusually hard shit that had me wincing and wanting to end my life.

in 5th grade i was in love with a girl, she didnt like me...

when i got my pa, they had to put a receiving tube (about the size of a thick drinking straw ) into my pee-hole then bend it upo so the needle would go into it

Back Pain after getting slammed in training. Back injuries affect
everything you do, from sitting to walking. I was bedridden for one
week before I could move on my own.

Third degree burns on my knee, it didn't hurt at first, but once it started healing, three months of pain.

Went for a base hit bunt at practice my senior year, ended up getting hit in the face with the ball. It broke my jaw in two places, the impact point on the left side and the center of my jaw from the force compressing it. Had to eat through a straw for a month or so. Awful experience.

Either having a big ass CD case with like 400 CD's in it break and fall on my toe (broke the nail underneath my toe and almost broke the toe...my toenail went from red, to purple, to brown, to black, until it finally just fell of 5 or 6 months later), or waking up from having a thyroidectomy.

Ouch. The worst about that is that everything in your body feels fine, and you're drugged up, so you're thinking "hey, I'm gonna get up!"

That's when you realize they had to cut through your neck muscles.

When the femur bone in my right leg snapped in half

When I was 10 years old I was run over by a drunk driver who was driving a Ford 1/2 ton pick up truck (with sleeper cover) with his lights off.  The front bumper hit the middle of my back and sent me to the pavement.  The fall tore all of the skin from my left cheekbone.  Then, the back left tire rolled right over the middle of my back.  Amazingly, the shock was so severe and immediate, that I got up and walked about 20 feet before passing out. 

When I fell in the ditch, an off duty Volunteer Firefighter who saw the accident came to my aid and pulled my tongue out of my throat.  Trauma like that makes one swallow their tongue.  He got me breathing again and I was rushed to the emergency room where I was less than a minute from that big Cage in the sky. 

Total injuries:

2 punctured and collapsed lungs, every rib was broken, lacerations in the liver and spleen,  appendix got wrapped around the gall bladder and internal bleeding in the stomach. 

I had a 100% recovery (miraculously) but I was in pain for over a year with that one.        


Jesus Christ!....I'm almost sorry I asked this question!

Glad to hear you guys are ok....truly amazing to think what the human body can endure though huh?

OK, but lets keep it to either a boxing match or an MMA fight only

Fighting wise, I once kicked a guy and he motioned inward at about 45 degrees.  When he did that, I caught his hip bone and ended up with a break in my instep. 

That hurt like hell.  And to this day I still have a huge bump on top of my foot where the break took place.  It's one of those deals where I can tell when it's about to rain... lol.    

Great call Mr Zipplock!.....Best wishes to all of us in 2005!

(Raising a glass to the UG)


Hi folks

My top 3 are pulled back muscles (tunnel vision and nausea), pulled groin muscle (hurt to do everything including get out of bed, get into bed, cough, laugh, shit and screw) and a jaw infection after a pulled wisdom tooth (can't even begin to describe it).