Worst records ever...

I was just on boxrec and saw the numbers on this guy:

Peter Buckley 147/lbs 31-201-10

Dam...hes giving Strickland a run for his legacy

Reggie Strickland 170/lbs 66-275-17

Feel free to take a shot if you can beat those numbers...lol

Actually anyone named Strickland is a apparently doomed:

Ed Strickland 232/lbs 0-29-0
Jerry Strickland 140/lbs 13-121-0

Jerry and Reggie are from the same state...brothers?
Ed's from Ohio...wonder if they're all related.

Haha..I always wonder what goes through those guy's heads in taking a fight.

Reggie Strickland has taken lots of dives.

A lot of these guys changes names and stuff. Fighting under alias and just purposely throwing fights helping to build up other peoples records.

A lot of those guys literally get $100 per round they last. That is why on those dudes' records who are like 20-67 or whatever they have a lot of decision losses. They know enough to survive and protect themselves and go the distance. They're basically filler.