Worst Season Yet

Take this in context. TUF is still my #1 show. The only show on my TiVo that I make a point to watch the night it airs, no matter what. By comparison, every episode of Lost (my 2nd favorite show) is still sitting on my TiVo, unwatched. With that said...

First, since I know ("know" as in from the UFC "know", not REALLY "know"), all these guys there's nobody to root against. I have a few favorites, but I like them all. There is no bed spritzer or big mouth. Nobody to root against because these guys have been there, and understand how to act.

I also don't think the no teams thing is working. Without the coaches competing against each other, the gym doesn't seem to have anywhere near the same intensity. It seems like they do very little training.

On the bright side...

It is nice seeing the old faces I didn't think I'd see again, and I'm glad they're getting a second chance.

Leaving the losers in the house was a great idea. Get a few loose canons in the house on future seasons, and that will be entertaining as hell after they lose. Imagine Leben with absolutely no reason cooped up in the house with Koscheck and Southworth, and absolutely no reason to do anything but drink.

I'd say this is the best season so far. Only thing I'd change is for them to add prizes for the winning team in each fight like on the Contender. Right now there's really no point in having teams at all other than the match making ability.

my favorite so far

Had a great time watching it.

I agree it's the worst season yet. There's no reason to even warch the first 50 minutes of the show. They show NO training, NO coaching, No team concept which was good for the viewers.

best season so far. i also think some of the fights come off as boring because you are used to hearing rogan and the crowd.rogan adds knowledge to the mix and adds a little drama.

I like them all, but they each have different strengths and weaknesses. This time it was better fights and fighters, some antics with Shonie, Serra, Laimon, Hughes, GSP and not too much else. Maybe this was the best season, but I'd like to see something different next time. I think I'd prefer to see some of the younger fighters again, just because they naturally bring more drama with them. More genuine personality conflict, and over the course of the show you see some rise up and some fall. I also think it makes the coaching more important and interesting to watch. You could say that I want more cheese, and I do, but the fact remains that every TUF season has produced at least a couple of quality fighters that will be able to hang in the UFC for a while, so it's not all that much different than this season's crop.

This was my favorite season by far. Less drama.

I think that tends to be the dividing line for people. I like more drama. That doesn't mean I don't like the higher quality fighting this season. It's just that I have a bunch of ways to see high quality MMA fighting (TV, pay per view, video), and no other way to see MMA drama with young up and comers doing stupid shit and trying to figure out if they can or want to make it in the UFC.