Worst sharting story?

So my gut was kind of tore up yesterday at work and I thought I'd let out a little fart while taking a piss at the urinal. It turned out being a shart so I had to scrap my boxers and free ball the rest of the day. Kind of a pain in the ass. I know this scenario is probably one of the best you could hope for if a shart was to occur, but what does the OG have to offer as far as sharting horror stories? Phone Post 3.0

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This didn't happen to me but a former co worker told me this story and I could stop laughing.

He was at University and staying in halls. Him and his mate decided to get a dominos pizza, some sort of spicy one. His mate had been chatting up this bird for a few weeks and she ends up coming over. The three of them are drinking, eating pizza and shooting the shit. His friend and the girl were getting pretty serious. He gets up but as he does he lets out this horrible wet gas ripping sound. He said his friend later told him his face went pale white like a ghost. The smell was instantaneous, like a wave hitting them. The girl started gagging and stormed off. His mate laughed at him as he had to waddle to the toilet trying not to get too much liquid shit trickling down his leg. His friend did not get laid. He didnt live that one down for a while. Phone Post 3.0

I fell into my friend's under-construction backyard pond flat onto my back and sharted my favourite South Park boxers. I tossed them over the fence into the neighbours yard. Then I got in my friend's van and puked all over the place. Then I woke up six hours late for work and got fired.

Sub for later shart share. Phone Post 3.0

I was getting ready to shower and my bathroom was connected to the bedroom in this apartment. So my girlfriend at the time was in the bathroom and I was on the bed naked. I yelled for her to come over cause I had to show her something. When she got over there I proceeded to let out a juicy fart, only it wasn't a fart. It was a shart. Yes, I sharted directly onto my own bed. Phone Post 3.0

ttt for more shit my pants stories, the life blood of the OG!

Was in the shower
Felt a fart
Blew it out hard as fuck for fun
Shit everywhere.

Sharted myself in a media closet during an install. Was in a celebrities house. Phone Post 3.0

KidPittsburgh - Was in the shower
Felt a fart
Blew it out hard as fuck for fun
Shit everywhere.
I've done this as well. Thank god it was diarrhea, so I didn't have to waffle stomp anything down the drain. Phone Post 3.0

I shit my pants in a crowded airport bathroom. I was pissing at the urinal, tried to fart, shit my pants. Now I can't go from a urinal to stall, because that looks strange as hell. So I walked out of the bathroom, waited 5 minutes with shit filled drawers. Walked back in went to the stall cleaned myself up threw my boxers away and got on a 8 hour plane ride. Phone Post 3.0