Worst steak you've ever bought?

This is the flip side thread inspired by Gritty's "Most expensive steak you've ever bought" thread

Your answer does not have to be the "cheapest" just the worst steak will do.

Here is my story:

I once had a steak in one of those cheap Indian owned Atlantic City motel/diner combo spots when I was young and dumb. It was like one of those 6.99 steak n egg combos me and a buddy got after a night of drinking and gambling.

If the meat was beef, it must have been the rectum tissue shaped to look like a tiny t-bone or something. Perhaps hooves where shaped to look like the "t". It was the most disgusting piece of animal flesh I have ever eaten. I will never know what the meat was or where it came from but it was brutal.

Not really a worst steak story. Wife and I went for something quick at Boston pizza. She ordered steak and potatoes. I ordered some seafood crap with mine. We get our plates and both have a pile of shrimp, the wifey is very anti-seafood. She complains and they take her plate away and they don't come back for twenty minutes lol. When they do you can see the swiped the shrimp off with a fork and then dropped her potatoes right in the shrimp juice. Juices running right to the edge of the plate didn't wipe it or anything to hide the fact. So she says she's allergic to shellfish and to do a new steak and plate. I told her we should go somewhere else because your going to be eating boogers. Plate showed up an hour later. I watched her eat it and thought she has to be getting the herp from this meal. That was the worst steak because I know it was fucked with.

Guaranteed the cook rubbed it on his asshole. Phone Post 3.0

At a pub before going to a wedding reception. The couple getting married were vegetarians and there was no meat on the menu so a bunch of us grabbed some food before heading there. This steak was crap and so tough to the point where I gave up halfway through and left it on the plate. It was like trying to chew through rubber, no exaggeration. Phone Post 3.0

Porterhouse from one of those frozen beef trucks. Flavorless & grey. I did add salt & pepper right before throwing it on the grill & made it medium.

My grandmother's beef curtains are awful and I feel molested from the experience.

Applebee's. Got a steak there and it was horrible Phone Post 3.0

At a truck stop, was like leather.

Anything bought and cooked by a friend. None of them know how to cook and they have no concept of flavour. Won't even use salt and pepper. It's awful to try and pretend to enjoy it. Phone Post 3.0

A guy i used to work with raised cattle for beef and he brought some in to sell on day SUPER cheap. So i bought a few steaks. They looked and smelled great, but i ate the porterhouse, it tasted rotten. I told him the next day and the day after that he brought double what i had bought and told me to throw everything else away. Apparently that particular cow must have tainted its meat, cuz everyone else sais the same thing. Phone Post 3.0

Well, I've eaten literally thousands of steaks so it's hard to say lol.

I will say, one time, when I was just starting to cut meat, I hooked myself up with a prime porterhouse, and cooked it "rare" like I was taught by some idiot butcher. It was just a lukewarm mushy bloody mess lol. So disappointed.

I'm sure I've had worse though. Hell, I used to be the king of cooking steak on the Foreman Grill lol, but it took LOTS of practice.

I had the steak at an all inclusive in the DR. If it wasn't for the artery in the steak I would have sworn it was the stomach. Phone Post 3.0

"he's as tough as a 2 dollar steak" good ol JR

Magic Jackson - My grandmother's beef curtains are awful and I feel molested from the experience.
I felt the same way after. Phone Post 3.0

700 plus people where interested in the topic enough to click the thread yet only a dozen want to share?

Share your victimization at the hands of cheap steak, we are all bros here bros.

When I was a kid my Dad and I used to go to NJ Nets basketball games (cheaper tickets and better seats than what was available at MSG).

We used to get dinner on the way. Usually somewhere on Route 17.

One day we decide to go to this steakhouse IIRC it was called "Steve's Steakhouse" something like that.

Saltiest fucking steaks we'd ever had. They were fucking gross.

I think when I went to a harvester (UK) a couple years back. I'm a student so going out to eat and ordering a steak is a luxury to me (I have a couple jobs now so not so much any more thankfully) so I was super psyched to order me some glorious rib-eye.
It was bland and tasteless. I was SO disappointed. Phone Post 3.0

Some bullshit from walmart. Cooked it like normal. Took one bite, threw it away.

Cheesecake Factory. Like a $30 steak that was undersized (supposed to be a 10oz I think it was, couldn't have been more than 6) ordered it cooked medium and it came out just a hair shy of well done. I don't necessarily hate a well done steak, but for 30 bucks I hate not getting what the fuck I asked for, and what's more is that aside from being cooked poorly it just wasn't good. Also had a similar experience at BJs Phone Post 3.0

Outback steak house, asked to have it black and blue style. I even asked the waiter to make sure the chef knew how to cook it correctly. 2 hours later a steak as dark as the blackest mountain coal came out on a plate. I took one look paid for my drinks in cash and rolled out. Phone Post 3.0