Worst takedown defence in MMA?

who has the worst takedown defence in MMA?
I say Heath Herring.

Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock? no where near as bad as Herrings.

Recent memory I was going to say Heath Herring.

Kinda ironic Herring bitches about being disappointed about going to the ground and his takedown defense is quite bad.

I haven't seen all of the Crow's fights but I remember some of them where he gotten taken down like a child.

Barely even any technique they just sort of threw him there.

Kongo's has looked pretty bad too.


Heath Herring

BJ Penn

Spencer Fisher.

End of thread.

Me 100 % sure.


Anyone fighting GSP, apparently.

Kimbo....I guess...

Maurice Smith

judging from his last fight, i would say luke cummo

Hardonk against Mir.

Frank is a serious contender for sure.

most recently heath herring