Worst takedown defence in MMA?

Houston Alexander

Noguiera. Granted he wants to be there, but he flops and gets tossed around in every fight. Fedor tossed him like an Aikidoka.

"Houston Alexander "

Lol he hasn't been taken down yet. He chokeslammed Silva and Silva got mount on him from the bottom, not a takedown.

Sakara tried to take him down and he kicked him off of him. Wait til you see him GET taken down first.

^^ Lol japetto you hater :)

Herring's did look pretty bad.

Melvin Guillard...

i like how the ref jumps kinda close, thiago kind of hesitates, the ref decides to let it go one more second, thiago slames down an elbow on his chin with a little extra mustard, and its over.

Ryduce, Spencers takendown defense will shock the World coming up. Trust me! To say he has the worst takedown defense in MMA, is not an accurate statement by a long shot. He never really worked on it too much, because, he KNOCKS PEOPLE OUT, and for some reason most have to go to the hospital afterwards. End of story. Jason Reinhardt

Fisher's looked horrible against Edgar but Edgar is a good wrestler.

Herring, considering his size, power and experience as a wreslter and MMAer is pretty bad imo.

Aoki has pretty good tds himself, not sure about his td defense but like Nog, it doesnt really matter all that much if he is taken down.

Take nothing away from Frank Edgar. He's one tough fighter. But, Spencer will not have a night like that again. Fighting is 80 percent mental, and sometimes things happen in training camp, your life, ect..leading up to the fight, which is kept quiet by a lot of fighters. Spencer is never one to make excuses. I'm gonna leave it at that.

Heath and Frank came to mind immediately

royce gracie

I'll say Spencer too. It was worrying about the takedown that got him KO'ed against Franca as well. Oddly, Jens Pulver didn't seem to have practiced his wrestling much until the Swanson fight, but that was over so quick that things might have been different later.


Jason R, Fiery, good points, as i said too, just becase Edgar takes you down doesnt make your td defense bad and then it could have been a factor yes against Franca, thinking too much about this time while not enough against Edgar though Franca's striking is quite unorthodox too.

I think thats what makes Chuck and (the old) CC so good. They can brawl while sprawling just as good.

SNB in itself is a style and skill. So is GNP. Not enough credit is given to MMA unique skills yet. Everyone still looks at pure style results and credentials.

Not only i probably have the worst takedown defense i'm also numer 1 as the worst takedown offense...

Frank Shamrock!

Heath Herring has consistently had zero takedown defense.


Herring but is a great warrior

Scott Tuggle. End of thread.

Herring all brawl no sprawl.
it pisses me off, its sprawl and brawl.
not fall then hold wait till the ref stands you up then brawl for 6 seconds then fall again.

Herring = fall n' brawl