worst thing caused by video games

I've seen lots of threads on here about how long people have spent playing games (12 hours in a day, etc..) but how has it affected real life.

For me:

-skipped my ACT's to play goldeneye

-stayed up too late playing games and missed my 1st hour class almost all of senior year

-and sadly, have told girls that I had other plans to play games...at home.

is it just me?

It's me too.

I don't really have any exceptional horror stories other than starting to play a game for a bit before bed and then suddenly realizing it's time for class...

When Dragon Warrior 7 came out I played it for 47 straight hours. I felt like I was going to die.

My friend can't play PC games anymore because he got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We are both musicians and I started to get some pain in my wrist, actually now I have some wierd nerve thing going on in my ulnar nerve (left hand ring & pinky). Probably from playing guiatar for 20 years.

Skipped out on a chance to get some action from some pretty good looking and very willing girls. I had just got Perfect Dark and was not going to wait to play it. I didn't get very much sleep that whole summer.

lol, i have skipped out on dates and friends more than once to stay at home and play counter-strike.

When i got WCW world tour for the N64 i stayed in the whole of summer to play it, my dad was getting worried and said i should go out.
I didnt even draw my curtains, i was in for 6 weeks.

Also you know how you usually use the shoulder keys on the PS2 in driving games to look behind or change gear i have tried to do this while driving.

I try to press imaginary buttons on my steering to see whats behind me when all i have to do is actually turn around.

I miss my N64 and SNES, i wanted WCW vs NWO on the N64 again, might buy it again....probably get it dirt cheap.

man, i thought it was just me. I'm glad someone brought this to light. I've been slowly weening myself off games(or trying to) in the past few months. They've eaten up a lot of time but i think it's mostly because there is nothing interesting on the idiot box.

"I try to press imaginary buttons on my steering to see whats behind me when all i have to do is actually turn around"


I know Yossarian, its pretty sad!!

Beat This: I missed my driving test makeup because 2 other friends and I had a scheduled Goldeneye competition. To this day I don't have a liscense.

Perfect Dark was worth it. I love that game, Perfect 1 ranking was my greatest gaming accomplishment.

WCW VS NWO World Tour was awesome. It came out when I was in 8th grade. Getting Glacier turned the tides on everyone else.

The shoulder button thing was hilarious.

Jesus christ....I was thinking of getting Doom 3 but now you guys have scared me.

Games will make folk do strange things. I went to stay with a friend who I hadn't seen in a long time. I brought a bunch of good games for us to beat. He didn't feel his setup was adequete so he went and bought a new tv just for games. We then spend the entire day beating contra shattered soldier.

" probably did less than 5% of my homework from grades 1-8 due almost entirely to video games. "

me too.

Crack, games, what's the difference??? LOL

damn guys. i havent found but one game that will make me play it more than a couple hours at a time, and that was GTA 3. i just dont have the attention span i guess. all my friends do though, lol. the longest i have EVER spent playing a game was 8 hours, and that was with GTA 3.