Worst UFC champion debate cont

Are we counting dudes that held the interim title but never the real title as champions?

If so, I nominate Tony Ferguson.

Bisping. He was the 4th best 185lber at the time.

Hendo smoked him but the judges were watching a different fight or playing on their cell phones.

Chael would have killed him but was suspended.

Tim Sylvia.

All of the best Hwts at the time were in PRIDE.

Fucking guy couldn’t even win a bj from some skank on Blind Date. Great old tv program. I miss those days.

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Does anyone else think that Forrest and Bisping got an organizational push toward the judges to advance these guys to titles?

Dont tell me this sport aint corrupt.

Both of those guys got their hands raised after fights they clearly and decisively lost.

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The division was created for Cyborg who had been begging for it for a long time.

The UFC offered her the fight against Holly.

CYBORG turned the fight down and said she wasn’t quite ready… then IMMEDIATELY failed her drug test.

She then was given a retroactive exemption for the banned substances she was on.

This was, by the way, Cyborg’s second attempt as a UFC fighter.

She was originally signed on with Tito as her manager to fight at 135. After being signed for several fights she said she would ‘literally die’ if she had to cut to 135 so she was released.

She returned and fought 1 fight at 140 against a 125er. She said she couldn’t make 140 again, either.

Then she failed her piss test and they let it slide.

Cyborg talked more shit about Dana White and the UFC than practically anyone INCLUDING editing a tape of Dana to make it sound like he said some shit he straight up did not say.

She was offered a rematch against Nunes and declined.

Between turning down basically the only fight for her, claiming she didn’t turn it down, then releasing edited audio of Dana, she burned her bridge for the company that ALLOWED HER TO CHEAT her way to the belt.

Fuck Guyborg. GDR may have landed some cheap shots against Holly but she showed courage and conviction in refusing to fight a life long cheater who makes a career out of TRT and beating up 125ers.

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A few corrections.

Hendo was clearly beaten in 3 of 5 rounds, the judges did a fine job, you simply don’t understand how to score fights.

And to say Chael would have “killed” a guy that he had previously fought, and it was pretty unanimous with most viewers feeling that Bisping should have won the decision, just shows that you really don’t know things.


I love how people pretend that she’s not one of the all time great cheaters in MMA history


Round 1 was arguably 10 8, Bisping barely survived


What’s your background in the sport?

Beside tapout TUF fanboi?

I started competing in 2002.

If you think Bisping undoubtedly beat Hendo and Chael, you probably think Biden won a free and fair election.

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Diego got the most gifts that I have seen. Kampmann beat his ass for three rounds and Diego wins???

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Forrest beat Shogun. Shogun, who gets touted as the second best LHW of all time even though he has a 50% win percentage in the UFC and never defended the belt.


I don’t know if it’s because a lot of MMA fans came from pro wrestling or something but I really don’t fanboy or hate anyone. There are a few people that I cheer for and a few people where I think “eh not really a fan” but you have people that live and fucking die on some stupid shit. I just like watching good fights. Half of the time I’m drunk and think “THIS GUY FUCKIN RULES” after he hits a cool elbow or something and then forget about them until the next time and I’m sober and “i think i remember this guy from some other fight”