worst video ever made?


I think so.

"How can anybody even know that?"

couldn't watch any further than shamrock1fan flipping on his ass for the 6th time.

lol @ eyegore.....can't remember what it's from though!

Killing me!

Napoleon D......whew. i can rest.

Napoleon Dynamite?

I believe it's:

"c'mon, like anyone could even know that"

Know this: This is the worst.

Too bad none of them snapped their necks.

One less retard to have walking the face of this planet.

lol. Thanks what i thought.

These guys should go roll with the "Don't try ufc at home" retards.

i dunno about the video, i didnt watch it, but i like the name. ive been in love with glen danzig since i was like...13. strange, i know, but the dudes a stud.

gotta TTT this. Jus' fo' fun.

Now that's it's been posted, judge for yourself. But I still say no one can find a worse video.

no uncle ricco throwin the pigskin?!?!?

No. And I think Uncle Ricco could take this guy.