Worst way to lose a fight?

Let me start by saying im a big Anderson Silva fan. That loss on SAT had me upset. Not that he lost but just the way it happened. Could that be the single worst way to lose in MMA? Not fighting and just showing off and getting KO'd. I can't think of anything lower than that. Has to be the GOAT worst way to take a L

I'm sure body shots wOuld hurt worse but the way he lost was probably the worst for his stock. 

Id say the way melvin lost to lauzon is a bad way to lose Phone Post

Or Terry Martin mocking Chris Leben then proceeded to get koed Phone Post

Quitting on the stool is up there too. Somehow the showboat And KO seems worse to me Phone Post 3.0

The worst way to lose a fight is to not show up at all. Happens all the damn time at small shows.

That was the worst way to lose.

Silva, greatest striker in MMA history and he gets knocked out, cold. He was showing off and disrespecting Weidman.

If he lost by sub or decision, meh, that is fine.

Elvis has a funny loss on his record. He explained it here a couple years back.



NSF 09/13/1998 Loss Al Reynish Rings Australia NR2 Submission Frustration 1 7:52

I think that was a lesson-learning loss, to say the least. Worst loss ever...? Perhaps. I can't think of a loss in recent memory that stings quite as badly as that one would. I can't wait for the rematch, and I am intrigued to see what both men have learned from that experience last Saturday night. Phone Post

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Didnt Joe Son lose a fight due to, according to Sherdog, to terror? IIRC he quit before the opening bell. Phone Post




Joe Moreira

Xtreme Pankration

Submission Fear





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Fedro im not sure quitting on the stool is up there.  If you are hurt real bad and you know you cant go back out  thats it fights over.  Actually the guy is pretty tough to have not been finished before that.  I know you are referring to BJ but he was getting his ass beat so bad that another round of that couldve been real bad for his health.  

No I was referring to guys who quit on their own. There was a couple guy on TUF Jamie Yager and a French guy who flat out didn't want to fight and quit on the stool. That's pretty embarrassing. BJ had his corner tell him no mas Phone Post 3.0

Getting mounted....   ground and pounded

Liver shot & getting counted out wide awake.

Hello Japan! Phone Post 3.0

jushintiger - Body Shot from Bas that ruptures your liver, ie Jason Delucia. LIVER SHOT!

Or spinning back kick to your kidney that shuts your entire body down, ie Charles McCarthy.
Yeah but those guys were trying. There's some honor in that. Showboating or quiting is worse Phone Post 3.0

Axe kick Phone Post