worth starting WOW now?

A couple of friends and I are wondering if it is worth starting to play WOW now? Just curious if there is a large enough comunity in the beginning of the game to be worth it, or if we should just start at the expansion?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Sorry meant to put this in gamerground... I know I suck at the internet.
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I resent the term nerd. Btw what's a female? And isn't Vagina a state in the U.S.

Not sure if anybody on this sub plays, but the guys on the gamerground talk about this game like a junkie talks about smack.

i play on stormrage and see pussy on reg basis

guild is Dirty Rotten Bastids

just couple friends

"If you want to be a lifeless nerd who never sees a female's vagina then start playing that game."


"If you want to be a lifeless nerd who never sees a female's vagina then start playing that game."

That wouldn't be much different than my life now except that at least I would have a cool game to play.

Gamerground will hook you up with the information.

It is a fun game, but it can wind up being extremely time-consuming.

Thanks for the info. I'm probably going to pick it up this weekend.

Wowwiki.com is a good place to check out the ins and outs of the game. Have fun and be careful!

Do comic vaginas count?

To late, I already read comics. So you're saying that when I start WOW it should have no impact on my social life?

it depends on how you play it. if you get obsessive it could interrupt shit, yeah. but if you log on to get stuff done, make friends or get into a guild with people that arent all about wasting all their time then its good. i raid three or four times a week for three or four hours at a time. it sounds like a lot, but then again if i didnt spend that 9-16 hours a week playing wow i would probably fill it up with some totally useless type of entertainment like watching tv or movies.


Like I need to spend anymore fucking time in front of my computer.

To be in an ingame guild you have to be willing to for go everything else. I stopped raiding and really stopped playing to get back to MA. I don't think I could do both.