Wot brand is this logo from?

Playin a stupid fuckin app game and I can't get this bastarding one. Tried reverse image search but on iPhone and won't let me. Think it begins with P.

http://imgur.com/MuOXtvq Phone Post 3.0

Looks like gayboisRus.

I fucking ssssuck at these games. Phone Post 3.0

Picassa Phone Post 3.0


Google Picasa.

Picasa sorry Phone Post 3.0

B Sharps - Picasa
Legends...u get the VU for the correct spelling. Cheers Phone Post 3.0

This game is so addictive but infuriating also when u can't remember Phone Post 3.0

Yeah mrs. Southcraw plays a 1v1 version of that. She goes haaaard


No pics Phone Post 3.0